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    I can confirm I have the same exact issues as Pwhirl101 since downloading OS software. I haven't downloaded new update yet either.
  2. purpleandgold33

    Can we downgrade?

    Can I ask why you want to downgrade before I download the update?
  3. purpleandgold33

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Yep cause thats exactly what I see too same area
  4. purpleandgold33

    bo4 crashing

    Dude you are so correct with that last statement all of the stuff we have to do to have a good game, ridiculous
  5. purpleandgold33

    bo4 crashing

    Lol I've been talking to activision support. They still haven't given me a solution that works yet. I'm at my wits end with this pos. Even if it does work the lobbies are so shitty. Spawn dead spawn dead before I can blink and face to face gun battles I'm a second behind. What a fkn joke.
  6. purpleandgold33

    bo4 crashing

    I do restart the game. It just keeps giving me this message as I said above and it makes me remove disk. I go back in start a new game same shit. I don't know what else to do? I'm contacting activision to see if they have an answer. Just wanted to put this on here if anyone else had this problem and how they solved it
  7. Agreed game still plays like shit
  8. purpleandgold33

    bo4 crashing

    Anyone else getting this message, Cannot continue using this application. The data for the following application is corrupted. Delete the application from the ps4 and then insert the disc again.? I've deleted the game completely from my ps4 twice and re-downloaded it to no avail. I get into a match and right in the middle of it it kicks me with this message. I've searched on google and it looks like a lot of other folks are having this problem too. No one has a solution to it yet that I have found. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. No, I wasn't playing a game. I don't get it. They did go to 60 hz? It really doesn't feel like it. Got to be one of the worst launches yet. Every year it gets worse.
  10. Just wanted to post that I'm still trying to dail my connection in for this frickin game. Anyways, I was running speedtests via speedtest.net and when I moved the sliders it had no change in my speeds. So I was like wth. I switched when high priority detected to Always and it worked. Hit detection in game is much better and gameplay is better. I still feel a half a second behind in some lobbies but I kinda blame the game cause I've had duma since it first came out and the new cods never play well for like the for month at least. And the fact that bo4 has downgraded their respective servers from 60 hrtz (ww2) and was in the beta for bo4 now are 20-30 hrtz. If you use this make sure to switch it back to never when your done gaming. The duma will also tell you to do this as well. I hope this helps some ppl. Cheers!
  11. Just to elaborate on the blufferboat. I had my qos set to when high priority detected and I noticed when running speed tests that when I moved the sliders up and down it wasn't affecting my speeds on the tests. So I switched it to always and it worked. So maybe you have the same problem as me. Switch it always when gaming and then turn it to never when you are done gaming.
  12. purpleandgold33

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Lol its not 60hrtz now. What makes you think that?
  13. purpleandgold33

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    For real though, push it out. We need it now! Get it done already
  14. purpleandgold33

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    I didn't play the beta but from what I'm hearing is they had 60 hrtz servers in the beta and now they are 20-30 hrtz. For whatever reason idk. We had 60 hrtz on WW2. I have the same frickin problems. Until treyarch fixes there crap game its gonna play like shit.
  15. purpleandgold33

    Qos not working properly

    Hey bigdog? Quick question. I ran several speed tests and I got way more bandwidth then I thought I was getting. I orginally thought I had 100 down 10 up. It turns out I have mixed results 216 down on the high end and 174 on the low and 11 up consisently. What should I enter into my duma the highest one or the lowest or in the middle?