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  1. purpleandgold33


    Agree with you 100%. Please don't get rid of consoles either. I like gaming on my consoles not a phone or whatever. This seems to space age for me.
  2. I cannot log into bo4. I've tried resetting modem router, etc. I get the A.b.cdefg error cod negative 345 silver wolf. I don't understand. All my friends that live near me are playing. Help
  3. Thats why I'm scared to go and buy one of these netgear routers. Not to mention we get the updates way before the netgear suits sit around a fkn table and finally decides to finally implement them in. I'll sit back in the weeds and wait until everything is ironed out.
  4. Cool, cool! Exciting shit Duma! Now for our 1.4 update. Dude I can't wait that long. JK I can but I'm acting like a little kid in the candy store!
  5. purpleandgold33

    Can't get gui to load on r1 duma os

    Good shit Jack! I feel ya! I definitely will! Cheers
  6. who do I speak to for a possible sponsor or partnership with netduma?

  7. purpleandgold33

    Can't get gui to load on r1 duma os

    Lets get it done already Jack!!!!! I want some more features on OS!!!!
  8. purpleandgold33

    Can't get gui to load on r1 duma os

    Its usually slow. But I finally got in. Just kind of annoying sometimes thats all. It reminds me of dail up internet, lol.
  9. Soooooooo slowwww. Already cleared cache on computer. Can we please finally address this issue netduma. This has been an issue since this software came out. Its either really slow or I can't get the damn thing to work.
  10. purpleandgold33

    Another one!!

  11. purpleandgold33

    New video!

    If you like what you see please like and sub and check out my other vids here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy8LuzKVR3Iw-gBhkbeHBGw much appreciated! Also, I use netduma R1 with duma OS! Peace!
  12. purpleandgold33

    New video!

  13. purpleandgold33

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    You just have to ecperiment crossfit. Thats wonderful thing about the router. What works for you may not for someone else. But we both have pretty much the same setup