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  1. purpleandgold33

    BO4 Port Forwarding

    Go here and enter these https://portforward.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-iiii/. Didn't realize you were having problems with NAT
  2. purpleandgold33

    BO4 Port Forwarding

    No for both consoles. Upnp does the same thing. Just use that. I tried port forwarding for a bit on ps4. and felt like it was better play. But, it eventually went back to playing inconsistent. Game will always be that way if nothing has changed by now.
  3. Since I bought it back in AW I've had better gaming on cod. Yes, they are still shitty lobbies but it has done everything I've bought it for. You got duma OS for free. What on God's green earth are complaining about?
  4. purpleandgold33

    Black Ops 4.....Is it time to

    Here is my 2 cents. I play it and have fun and like the game. But I'm about to contradict myself here. There is really something wrong and off about it. Some nights I'll play it and all of the servers are laggy as hell. I'm currently a 1.5 kd and normally a 1.8-2kd player. I swear hitboxes are off and it's pretty frustrating. All cods have got me pretty pissed at some point. But this one has to be the worst. I would just wait until they release mw2/3 and mw4. Not sure if they are going to release them before mw4 or with it.
  5. Must be a millennial, feel like our entitled to anything and everything. The downfall to the new society. You have 6 posts on here man. Go buy a new router man. I've had mine since launch too. Never had any problems with it. Peace and hair grease!
  6. Dude, what kind of shit you smoking. You buy a product after 4 years you want a refund. I think your shit out luck dude. Common you can't be serious.
  7. purpleandgold33

    Black Ops 4 Support

    turn your fast search on btw.
  8. purpleandgold33

    Black Ops 4 Support

    try both
  9. purpleandgold33

    Black Ops 4 Support

    I would say no on that
  10. purpleandgold33

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Yes, when it is at 0 it is off. spectating will and should allow it.
  11. purpleandgold33

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Lmao, yes they do. My guess is that you might be to far away and the game might not let you connect. Idk, make sure you turn off ping assist and might have to play in spectating mode. Kind of defeats the purpose of the netduma cause your ping (latency) to a server that far away will be well over the hundreds.
  12. Quick question on the dns server on the R1 duma OS. I have to keep re-entering it when I re-boot the R1. To enter the slider next to it has to be red which means off. But when I enter it and turn the slider to white which means on. I'll click save and when I come back the slider will be red. I'm confused with this. Is it just not working for me. Or am I doing something wrong? Hopefully I explained that good enough for yall to understand. Thanks
  13. purpleandgold33

    Black Ops 4 Support

    If you live in the US why would you want to play in suadi arabia?
  14. purpleandgold33

    Forcing a server?

    Yep, slide the bar to 0 then its off and keep strict on always!
  15. purpleandgold33

    please fix allow deny

    Hey Jack by no means am I blaming yall for the connections. This router has been phenomenal for me in the past. Basically, just bitching and whining. Cod games are usually bad connections at first and then after like a month they stabilize. I was just wondering what they (treyarch/activision) changed in this game to make said connections so terrible which you explained. My line is stable as can be. Just ran a test a few weeks ago. Ping was at roughly mid 30's with minor spikes occasionally up to mid 40's. I appreciate your guys hard as always. At the time I wrote the post. I was a little on the crabby side. I know its the game, grrrrr!