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  1. FIFA 17 compensates the player with the weaker connection by giving the opponent input delay. Although i don't want my opponents to suffer, my connection is much better than most people's meaning I'm the one getting the input delay. Anyway I could reduce the quality of my connection to balance that out?
  2. Idiot On Tour

    Urgent! I can't connect to my NETDUMA without being wired up

    Just seen your message, I can't restart the wifi right now, but I'll give it a go shortly. Thanks for the advice!
  3. I've tried restarting both my Netduma and my BT router yet it still doesn't work. I can only access the interface if I hook my Mac up to the Netduma directly using an ethernet cable. Wireless doesn't seem to work but wired does it's strange? My Xbox One and Mac are fine when using ethernet, but when I try to connect wirelessly there's no connection?
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    Best settings for FIFA?

    Thanks guys!
  5. Idiot On Tour

    Netduma setup for fifa? please help

    Netduma doesn't work with FUTChamps from what I'm aware
  6. Idiot On Tour

    Best settings for FIFA?

    Hi guys, I've not been here for a long time due to me living somewhere which wouldn't allow me to use mu Netduma. I'm back home now and I'm currently linking my Xbox One via a wireless connection to my Netduma and I feel like I'm suffering because of it. Tomorrow I'm going to hook it up directly into the router but I was wondering also what the best settings would be for a game like FIFA? Kind regards, IOT