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  1. was just in the middle of typing a response, thanks for the input
  2. hi. It depends on what ip's are listed in the vodafone router. If your R1 has been assigned 2.1 then that is what you put into the SMZ. Happy to help anytime and glad that your speeds have improved
  3. BIG__DOG

    PS4 Error CE-35694-7

    why not try their forum, or do a google search of the error code! Re: Error ce-35694-7. That is a PS4 error letting you know that you do not have enough space on your hard drive for the download and installation of the game.
  4. all depends on the length of the ethernet cable running from your modem to the port socket in your garage. There is a length limit but for the life of me I cannot remember off the top of my head but it is around the 100 meters mark which is not usually exceeded in most peoples houses unless it is a very long cable run going up walls etc etc. You should be fine if you are using good quality cabling. The R1 is not good at handling pppoe connections, that's why it is best to have another device in front of the R1 to deal with pppoe. Happy to help!
  5. BIG__DOG

    R1 question

    if the port in the garage you fitted goes into the modem then the r1 goes into the port in the garage. Hope that helps and I got your setup correct.
  6. BIG__DOG

    Console Bandwidth Settings Survey

    from what I have read and heard about the S8000 switch they do suggest that you disable QOS completely on the router and let the switch do the QOS.
  7. I would let the vodafone router do the pppoe>>>>>>>disable all wifi on that router, also upnp on that router also. Connect the R1 to your router and let the R1 handle upnp and wifi. Reconnect your pc to the vodafone router with R1 connected and find the dhcp address of the R1 in your vodafone router, make it static in your router and then add that address to your vodafone routers dmz. Then reconnect your pc to the R1 and that is that.
  8. BIG__DOG

    Console Bandwidth Settings Survey

    I think it is down to each person's individual connection and wether or not you believe and subscribe to the bufferbloat phenomenon. I set my bandwidth to 55Mbps down and 14Mbps up when gaming.
  9. BIG__DOG

    Unable to login into ip

    if you are trying to log into your router then you need to find your routers gateway ip address. go to windows seach and type cmd, you should then see command prompt in the list, click on that. then type the following without quotes "ipconfig" and press enter. you should now see your gateway ip address (example web browser and type your gateway ip address into the address bar and hit enter and you should then be able to login. I cannot understand why you have a gateway ip address of unless you have set that as your gateway ip manually as that ip would not normally be issued by a netduma router...........unless you have it connected behind another router and that would normally be
  10. BIG__DOG

    Double Nat

    because both xbox's are trying to use the same ports (mainly 3074) 1 xbox should have 3074 and the other 3075. They are the main ports xbox uses.
  11. if you purchase what you need from amazon you can always return them for a full refund.
  12. remember though it has to be on the same electrical loop. both routers will have to be on the same floor as upstairs and downstairs are on different looping systems.
  13. yes it can be done. I have powerline adaptors in my home.....you need modern wiring and the the powerline adaptors have to be on the same electrical loop.
  14. BIG__DOG

    Black Ops 4.....Is it time to

    I find it playable for short periods.....longer if with friends but it is not a game I itch to play like I did with BO3. It is better than IW and AW but that aint much to achieve.
  15. BIG__DOG

    Xbox live Upload Speed

    Those stats are not reliable on any console. It is the same on the PS4. This is a console issue not a router issue. My download is 300 and my upload is 50 but it is not obtainable through a console.
  16. BIG__DOG

    help host filtering for fortnite

    Fortnite does not work on geo filtering as it allows you to select servers from inside the game. It works for games such as call of duty where it is not possible to do that in their games.
  17. BIG__DOG

    New to the family. Some help needed

    Geo filter will not work for games such as fortnite. and battlefield as these games allow you to set which server you wish to game on which is basically what the geo filtering would do. Netduma are aware of the issue where a pc has to be set to console in order to see activity in the geo filter map. I have never played destiny but from what I hear it is p2p only so therefore will not be supported in the geo filter but if it does have server lists built into the game then the above comment is applicable.
  18. have you tried inputting their dns servers into the routers dns settings?
  19. Hi. In answer to your question there is not much you can do regarding changing your public ip address. You have 3 options only...... 1: Turn off your modem for a while and when it reboots it may obtain a new public ip address but that is not guaranteed. 2. Ask your isp if you can have a static ip address which never changes. You may be charged extra for this if they do offer it as it is mainly business that benefit from a static public ip address. 3. Do a search for isp's that offer a fixed ip address as standard with their packages. BD
  20. BIG__DOG

    Geo Filter not working

    are you using upnp. Have you tried adding your console to dmz to see if it sorts your problem?
  21. it is pure gimmickry (if there is such a word ). I can't see the need for it in most peoples households anyway.
  22. Asus have just launched an AX model! https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-RT-AX88U-Wireless-AX6000-Gigabit-AiProtection/dp/B07JHFWZKN/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1546505922&sr=8-8&keywords=asus+router
  23. Hi bud. BT and talktalk are not the same. Talktalk may use your existing phone line but in your exchange they have their own backbone infrastructure which is different than BT, that is why no pppoe login is needed with talktalk. Zennon is the guy on here for talktalk technical quieries so hopefully he will see this and shed some light for you.
  24. BIG__DOG

    Best wired setup for Black Ops 4?

    Hi and welcome to the forum. What version firmware are you running, are you still running with R!OS or the new dumaOS? Happy new year to you and your family!