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    PS4 SDD broken?

    Wow that's a lot of dust, glad you got it open and cleaned out. Youtubers have great connections, usually they have dedicated lines and live close to a server. There's one guy on this forum live 10 minutes drive from a major server which explains why he melts everyone. Unless you live close to a games server farm, have a business class connection (such as leased line) static ip address and have good sponsorship then the chances of you having a connection such as drift0r, xclusiveace and all those others then are pretty remote then you are gonna have to suck it up like the rest of us and make do with what you got!
  2. BIG__DOG


    The test was performed under their conditions on their servers. That is not "real world" The true test would be over somebody's internet connection. The fact the controller is connected wirelessly will cause lag right out of the gate. But, each to their own, but I know it will not take off.
  3. BIG__DOG

    Nvg448b bridge mode

    You have not stated which model of netduma router you have. If it is the XR500/700 factory reset it and follow the on screen prompts, but make sure you have your PPPoE credentials ready to enter. You do have the option to setup connection without factory resetting, but the factory reset method is a better way to do it.
  4. BIG__DOG

    Nvg448b bridge mode

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Am I right in thinking that you have a vdsl line and not fibre? If that is the case then is your connection PPPoE? If that is the case and you do have pppoe then you will have to input your pppoe information into the netduma connection settings! Before we can help you further to correct your issue we need to know what type of connection you have and how you connect to your isp. So give as much info as possible regarding your network setup.
  5. Hybrid vpn allows you to stop certain decies/ services from going through a vpn but these services are gaming mainly and not services like netflix. Alternative vpn services like purevpn allow you to use their app to connect to us or uk netflix or hulu etc etc specifically for those services.
  6. You would assume that it goes off mac address as that would be the most logical answer, but it was just to rule out dhcp leasing as an issue but if you statically assigned the ip address of your console on the router then that would totally eliminate an obvious cause for your problem. I do know that my ping to the east coast U.S where you live is between 70 - 85ms so if my ping assist was set as high as yours then i would occasionally land on a a new york of new jersey server. You should still though be able to connect to local host's or dedi's in your radius as I agree with you there 100%. Have you tried the ping assist only method of setting your location in the ocean at minimum size and relying solely on ping assist (setting this up while console is off)? That is the method that I use.
  7. You have given your console a static ip address i assume! If the dhcp has assigned it a new address after you made settings to your geo filter then the geo filter will not recognise your console and the filtering will not work as depicted in your picture. I know your not stupid but just need to cross out the obvious.
  8. BIG__DOG

    Packet Loss

    you are only getting an average of 2ms ping spikes. There is no packet loss on those 2 graphs now either. I am thinking that it is your ethernet cable from your modem to the router. If you can swap the cable for a new 1.
  9. I have noticed a possible error with on the Xr500. I did a dns leak test whilst connected to my vpn provider and noticed a leak. I went and changed dns servers and my connection went dead, not even a reboot would restore the link. I had to start the "setup wizard" in order for the link to be established. I did not have to go through the setup completely just until i put in my pppoe credentials. It is a long time since I did a dns leak test so not too sure if it is the current firmware. I would need other members to try and change dns who have pppoe to know for sure.
  10. OK, I have found the issue. For some strange reason the router is not saving my password for my pppoe login but saves my username. I overlooked this as it always has saved it in the past and had not noticed that it does not do it now. Once password was re-entered the router came back to life.
  11. hi. Have you tried entering the default gatway ip? (unless you manually changed it). Also have you tried deleting your browser cache? Your connection is the same as mine and you have the same modem as me also.
  12. Hi, no i did not have that enabled. I did a reset and then tried again to input the dns without vpn configured and it still happens,
  13. Are you using ping assist aswell as the geo filter? If you are then shrink it to minimum and place it over the ocean and then enable ping assist and set it to 5ms above your actual base ping, if that fails then increase by another 5ms. Is fast search ticked, if so then disable it as this will bypass your filtering settings and potentially put you in a game way outside your radius. Make thses changes while consol is powered off and then restart console and you should be good to go
  14. BIG__DOG

    PS4 SDD broken?

    The fact that you said it gets really loud points to a dirt/dust blockage. I would avoid using it until it is cleaned to avoid any damage (if not already caused) or becoming a fire risk.
  15. BIG__DOG

    PS4 SDD broken?

    I would try giving it a bloody good clean. Being 5 years old and by the sounds of it you have not been able to clean it thoroughly as you would like there's gonna be a lot of dust. I have a vac it a very fine cleaning nozzle but I have also used compressed air. The compressed air will clear any dirt it comes into contact with but do it outside and not too close to the ps4 so as to avoid damage from the blast of air. Apart from buying a tool kit that will alow you to take the casing off I do not know what to suggest. I have only ever taken the top left sliding panel off to change my hdd spinning drive that comes as standard on a ps4 for an SSD. This is the tool kit to allow you to open up the console. I am sure you can get it from your region. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Silverhill-Tools-ATKPS4-Playstation-Consoles/dp/B00O12YNRY/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1553165720&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=ps4+tool+kit&psc=1
  16. BIG__DOG

    General Question

    The in-game stats are not to be relied upon, they are notoriously inaccurate. If you disable geo filter and view the in-game stats again you will see that it is the same. I have a 330mbps connection and it shows in the game I have 4mbps (no matter what router I use).
  17. BIG__DOG

    People connecting outside my radius

    it will only connect you to servers in your radius. The other method you could use which is what I do is set your location in the ocean, shrink radius to minimum and set ping assist to 5ms above your base ping, that will give you games within your desired ping and also leave fast search off. Fast search will find you games outside your set parameters to make sure you get a game.
  18. That graph is muh better than your other 1. The dumaOS on the XR500 is also great (i have both but I purchased the XR500 myself) and it performs very well indeed. It lacks the features on the XR700 (mainly plex server capability and ready cloud. I am using the XR500 as the main router now as apart from using the edgerouter for a specific purpose the past couple of days. I have had no issues at all with it and I hope it continues that way. Netgear heavily beta test and so i am sure that it will be a polished product on release day!
  19. I use the edgerouter packet capture as I prefer that to wireshark for the method i wanted. I also stopped using the R1 when I started beta testing the XR700 but i do prefer the R1OS rather than dumaOS on the R1. Maybe because I experienced the version on the XR700 first. DumaOS on the XR700 and XR500 is really well polished and I have no issues with it but on the R1 I found it frustrating but that was due to it just being released which made me like the original firmware more on the R1 model.
  20. BIG__DOG

    Ok Netduma!

    1 of the members will reply if they play it but I am sure at some point someone from HQ will reply.
  21. BIG__DOG

    Ok Netduma!

    hi. 1. I do not play D2 so cannot comment or suggest anything. 2. I have a base ping of 10ms if I use ping assist I set mine to 15. 3. Same as 1. It is all about what works for you, it is not 1 size fits all but hopefully you have found your sweet spot, happy gaming!
  22. Most of the UK and europe have modem type connections compared to full fibre. The edgerouter is being used for packet capture!
  23. BIG__DOG

    Nordvpn not supported?

    Hi. To get Nordvpn working on your router follow the instructions on nordvpn website under help then in the box type netduma to get you up and running. Although this displays setup on the R1OS the principle is still the same but instead you go to hybridvpn>>>>>setup>>>>>advanced. Let us know if you need any more help with this issue. Here are the instructions:
  24. BIG__DOG


    For the pro gamer and those that play a lot of fps games cloud gaming will not work due to the lag. In the article it says that the controller will connect to googles servers via wifi, we all know what wifi does for online shooters!!!!!! I will be giving it a miss and won't be spending my money on it!
  25. A lot of it is due to line quality and the distance from your house to the main cabinet where your connections runs to and also the distance to the main exchange. I am fortunate enough that I live half a mile from my exchange and 100 yards to the street cabinet and a line that is 4 years old. At this moment in time I am using an edgerouterX as the main router and XR500 as an AP as there's a feature on the erX that is not on the XR500 that I need to run for a few days. So no Us Mods do not have a "magic connection" or "zero issues". There is an internet issue that the UK suffers from and that is the fact that a large swathe of the population get 10mbps or under which is appalling. This is my PP graph running my edgerouterX with my download throttled to 50%.