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    Honest Opinion/Answer? please

    R1 cannot handle gigabit speeds, best you could possibly get is 800mbps. Are you testing wirelessly? If so then that maybe your problem. Do a wired test from a pc/laptop to get a more reliable result. I have all 3 routers but you should get 100mbps no sweat. Also what version FW is your R1 running?
  2. BIG__DOG


    lol, why are you doing that!!!! you should use the XR700 on it's own or you may have them configured wrong! No way would I use both in combination and if I did i would have the XR700 in front of the R1 and only console connected to R1 but have geo disabled on the R1. lol
  3. BIG__DOG

    Please advise

    2.4ghz has better range, lower speed........5ghz has greater speed but less range.
  4. static ip has to be done on the router, not the console to have a static ip address! It is the router that handles ip address.
  5. the in-game connection monitor is highly inaccurate and cannot be relied upon, much like the game as a whole! The R1 ping status is reliable on the geo filer page!
  6. BIG__DOG

    Adding a VPN

    hybrid vpn>>>>>vpn setup>>>>>advanced. that will bring you to the pic above i posted. copy and paste the contents of the open vpn file into the config box and your login credentials into un and pw boxes.
  7. BIG__DOG

    Constant issues-XR500

    regarding your amazon echo and philips hue........I have hive active heating which allows me to control my heating remotely. If i lose connection or I reboot my router then it stops working until i power cycle the hive hub. I find this works the same on other routers I tested so it does not seam to the the XR500/700 ( i have both routers). It just means the hub needs power cycling so I assume that the the hue lighting has a hub unit also which may need power cycling. As for your router keep loosing connection I cannot see why your router would behave like that unless your docsys modem was resyncing for some reason. You could try running a pingplotter test with and without the XR500 connected and see if your having spiking issues and post your results here. Your modem is a good quality 1 aalso.
  8. BIG__DOG

    Adding a VPN

    you would need the openvpn config file. You can use any vpn so long as you have the right file. I use PIA!
  9. Hi. First of all I would like to welcome you to the forum. I have the XR700 and have not encountered that error code before. However, someone from Netduma will respond to this post sometime today but as they are a UK company and it is still early morning it will be a few hours yet. BD
  10. you could click "flush cloud" while your console is off and update it to see if that helps you in the meantime. have you tried flushing the cloud since you purchased the XR500 and are you running the current version .32 firmware? If you have not flushed the cloud do it while your console is off.
  11. There is a new feature that will be coming to the XR500 soon called ping assist, this will allow you to be placed in games that are within a ping that you specify......example: if you select 40ms, it will place you in games with 40ms or lower. Not sure when it will be available, but there should be a firmware push by netgear in december as that is when the next update should be due, but that is down to Netgear, not Netduma.
  12. hi and first of all I would like to welcome you to the forum. Have you done a speedtest via ethernet from a pc to determine what your actual base ping is? I see you live in California and you should be able to get a server in your area of the country. Not sure what console you are using to play but here are the server locations for PS4. I can provide XBOX server locations if you have an XBX. Please note that server locations are being processed collated and reviewed ready for a cloud update.
  13. BIG__DOG

    Thanks Duma!

    I just turned on my xbox and had no trouble finding a game
  14. BIG__DOG

    Thanks Duma!

    Great to know you are having a positive experience and it is performing well for you.
  15. BIG__DOG

    error 404 en el netduma

    ¿Qué versión de firmware está utilizando y ha instalado una nueva versión cuando su otra publicación solicitaba un enlace de firmware? what version firmware are you using and have you installed a new version as your other post was asking for a firmware link?
  16. What modem make and model is the XR700 connected to? I assume you have completed the auto config during setup of the XR700? Finally what version firmware is it running, It is more likely a faulty router if your losing connection over wifi as well as over ethernet and as it is brand new you can exchange it for a replacement. Before you do that, can you answer these questions and also could you replace the lan cable from the Xr700 to your modem just to eliminate the chance it could be a cable issue. I have the XR700 and have no issues at all with it.
  17. BIG__DOG

    Set up question

    It would be better if that pc was running through the Xr500 also incase any automatic updates start downloading or your wife decides to watch video's that can use a lot of bandwidth. You can limit the amount of bandwidth her pc uses via the XR500 so that it does not interfere with whatever other tasks you are doing such as gaming.
  18. BIG__DOG

    Openwrt on xr500

    No is the answer. It is not on the list of supported devices on the openwrt database. As a side note and an important 1: Installing third party firmware onto a router other than the router manufacturers software will invalidate your warrantee and guarantee so be warned! If you do not know what you are doing or how to do it then do not try unless you don't mind the possibility of bricking your router.
  19. BIG__DOG

    VPN with PIA "failed"

    This is the open config that I use and it works fine for me so copy and paste this and give it a try and let us know if it works for you. I am in the UK and use the New York server but I can change the addresses if I want to connect to a different location. client dev tun remote us-newyorkcity.privateinternetaccess.com 1198 udp remote us-newyorkcity.privateinternetaccess.com 502 tcp resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun setenv CLIENT_CERT 0 <ca> -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIFqzCCBJOgAwIBAgIJAKZ7D5Yv87qDMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBDQUAMIHoMQswCQYD VQQGEwJVUzELMAkGA1UECBMCQ0ExEzARBgNVBAcTCkxvc0FuZ2VsZXMxIDAeBgNV BAoTF1ByaXZhdGUgSW50ZXJuZXQgQWNjZXNzMSAwHgYDVQQLExdQcml2YXRlIElu dGVybmV0IEFjY2VzczEgMB4GA1UEAxMXUHJpdmF0ZSBJbnRlcm5ldCBBY2Nlc3Mx IDAeBgNVBCkTF1ByaXZhdGUgSW50ZXJuZXQgQWNjZXNzMS8wLQYJKoZIhvcNAQkB FiBzZWN1cmVAcHJpdmF0ZWludGVybmV0YWNjZXNzLmNvbTAeFw0xNDA0MTcxNzM1 MThaFw0zNDA0MTIxNzM1MThaMIHoMQswCQYDVQQGEwJVUzELMAkGA1UECBMCQ0Ex EzARBgNVBAcTCkxvc0FuZ2VsZXMxIDAeBgNVBAoTF1ByaXZhdGUgSW50ZXJuZXQg QWNjZXNzMSAwHgYDVQQLExdQcml2YXRlIEludGVybmV0IEFjY2VzczEgMB4GA1UE AxMXUHJpdmF0ZSBJbnRlcm5ldCBBY2Nlc3MxIDAeBgNVBCkTF1ByaXZhdGUgSW50 ZXJuZXQgQWNjZXNzMS8wLQYJKoZIhvcNAQkBFiBzZWN1cmVAcHJpdmF0ZWludGVy bmV0YWNjZXNzLmNvbTCCASIwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQEBBQADggEPADCCAQoCggEBAPXD L1L9tX6DGf36liA7UBTy5I869z0UVo3lImfOs/GSiFKPtInlesP65577nd7UNzzX lH/P/CnFPdBWlLp5ze3HRBCc/Avgr5CdMRkEsySL5GHBZsx6w2cayQ2EcRhVTwWp cdldeNO+pPr9rIgPrtXqT4SWViTQRBeGM8CDxAyTopTsobjSiYZCF9Ta1gunl0G/ 8Vfp+SXfYCC+ZzWvP+L1pFhPRqzQQ8k+wMZIovObK1s+nlwPaLyayzw9a8sUnvWB /5rGPdIYnQWPgoNlLN9HpSmsAcw2z8DXI9pIxbr74cb3/HSfuYGOLkRqrOk6h4RC OfuWoTrZup1uEOn+fw8CAwEAAaOCAVQwggFQMB0GA1UdDgQWBBQv63nQ/pJAt5tL y8VJcbHe22ZOsjCCAR8GA1UdIwSCARYwggESgBQv63nQ/pJAt5tLy8VJcbHe22ZO sqGB7qSB6zCB6DELMAkGA1UEBhMCVVMxCzAJBgNVBAgTAkNBMRMwEQYDVQQHEwpM b3NBbmdlbGVzMSAwHgYDVQQKExdQcml2YXRlIEludGVybmV0IEFjY2VzczEgMB4G A1UECxMXUHJpdmF0ZSBJbnRlcm5ldCBBY2Nlc3MxIDAeBgNVBAMTF1ByaXZhdGUg SW50ZXJuZXQgQWNjZXNzMSAwHgYDVQQpExdQcml2YXRlIEludGVybmV0IEFjY2Vz czEvMC0GCSqGSIb3DQEJARYgc2VjdXJlQHByaXZhdGVpbnRlcm5ldGFjY2Vzcy5j b22CCQCmew+WL/O6gzAMBgNVHRMEBTADAQH/MA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBDQUAA4IBAQAn a5PgrtxfwTumD4+3/SYvwoD66cB8IcK//h1mCzAduU8KgUXocLx7QgJWo9lnZ8xU ryXvWab2usg4fqk7FPi00bED4f4qVQFVfGfPZIH9QQ7/48bPM9RyfzImZWUCenK3 7pdw4Bvgoys2rHLHbGen7f28knT2j/cbMxd78tQc20TIObGjo8+ISTRclSTRBtyC GohseKYpTS9himFERpUgNtefvYHbn70mIOzfOJFTVqfrptf9jXa9N8Mpy3ayfodz 1wiqdteqFXkTYoSDctgKMiZ6GdocK9nMroQipIQtpnwd4yBDWIyC6Bvlkrq5TQUt YDQ8z9v+DMO6iwyIDRiU -----END CERTIFICATE----- </ca> cipher aes-128-cbc auth sha1 tls-client remote-cert-tls server auth-user-pass comp-lzo no verb 1 reneg-sec 0 <crl-verify> -----BEGIN X509 CRL----- MIICWDCCAUAwDQYJKoZIhvcNAQENBQAwgegxCzAJBgNVBAYTAlVTMQswCQYDVQQI EwJDQTETMBEGA1UEBxMKTG9zQW5nZWxlczEgMB4GA1UEChMXUHJpdmF0ZSBJbnRl cm5ldCBBY2Nlc3MxIDAeBgNVBAsTF1ByaXZhdGUgSW50ZXJuZXQgQWNjZXNzMSAw HgYDVQQDExdQcml2YXRlIEludGVybmV0IEFjY2VzczEgMB4GA1UEKRMXUHJpdmF0 ZSBJbnRlcm5ldCBBY2Nlc3MxLzAtBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWIHNlY3VyZUBwcml2YXRl aW50ZXJuZXRhY2Nlc3MuY29tFw0xNjA3MDgxOTAwNDZaFw0zNjA3MDMxOTAwNDZa MCYwEQIBARcMMTYwNzA4MTkwMDQ2MBECAQYXDDE2MDcwODE5MDA0NjANBgkqhkiG 9w0BAQ0FAAOCAQEAQZo9X97ci8EcPYu/uK2HB152OZbeZCINmYyluLDOdcSvg6B5 jI+ffKN3laDvczsG6CxmY3jNyc79XVpEYUnq4rT3FfveW1+Ralf+Vf38HdpwB8EW B4hZlQ205+21CALLvZvR8HcPxC9KEnev1mU46wkTiov0EKc+EdRxkj5yMgv0V2Re ze7AP+NQ9ykvDScH4eYCsmufNpIjBLhpLE2cuZZXBLcPhuRzVoU3l7A9lvzG9mjA 5YijHJGHNjlWFqyrn1CfYS6koa4TGEPngBoAziWRbDGdhEgJABHrpoaFYaL61zqy MR6jC0K2ps9qyZAN74LEBedEfK7tBOzWMwr58A== -----END X509 CRL----- </crl-verify>
  20. BIG__DOG

    Officially Giving up on this router :/

    The cloud database is the same for the R1, XR500 and XR700. I can find a lobby with geo filtering disabled. I have all 3 routers. That's why i was saying there have been newer servers added by activision and others removed that is why the cloud database is being overhauled and updated.
  21. BIG__DOG

    Officially Giving up on this router :/

    what happens if you disable strict mode can you find 1 then? The R1 still uses the same cloud database as the dumaOS version.
  22. BIG__DOG

    XR700 Disconnects

    Please can you be more specific and less vague about your issue and tell us exactly what is happening? I have the XR700 and have had no issues regarding disconnects. Is it connection disconnects, game disconnects or device disconnects?
  23. BIG__DOG

    Can we downgrade?

    New servers in new locations have been added by activision and they are being compiled at the moment as the ip address and locations need to be gathered and compiled so that they can be updated to the cloud in order for geo filtering to work properly. For the moment if anyone is having issues finding lobbies using geo filtering I suggest you go into spectator mode until the cloud update is complete!