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  1. No, there are hardware advantages as it has a quad core processor and a gig or ram. This helps for households with a lot of devices that are connected at the same time. If it primarily for gaming purposes only and you have a limited number of devices (10 -15 as an example) then the XR500 would probably suit your needs. If you want to compare the XR700 to the R1 then there is no comparison....the XR700 can handle way more bandwidth intense processes. The cpu difference alone is self explanitory and should answer your question for you!!!
  2. BIG__DOG

    Problems logging into forum

    I thought as much matey but wasnt sure wether was a possible issue with the new forum layout!
  3. BIG__DOG

    Problems logging into forum

    Hi. I have deleted your other post per your request! Have you cleared your browser cache as that can bugger up password recognition on odd occasions? If it persists please let us know and it will be a job for a forum administrator. BD
  4. Then, the question is............................................Does this happen to those with PPPoE connection types?
  5. Trying to figure out why some people are getting disconnects. I have my xr500 running on a separate notwork to my main network and it has been running fine for weeks untouched. Not sure it is a firmware issue or not but it should be happening to a lot of users if it was i imagine........I always do a factory reset whenever I install new firmware on a router whatever the manufacturer!
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    XR 500 wired Disconnections

    does it do this with just the asus you said? Have you checked your dsl log under system tab to see if it is resyncing with your isp network to rule out a line fault? It will tell you how long your connection has been active for! The dsl active uptime is different from your router up time. EXAMPLE >>>>>>>>> you loose connection again make a note of the exact time if it occurs while you are there. Then, go to your system log in asus and go to dsl and let's say it happend 1hr 42 mins ago if you have a dsl line issue your dsl log should say uptime 1hr 42 mins which will mean you lost isp connection and is probably a line fault or maybe a faulty asus dsl ac68u or even it is not quite configured correctly for your isp causing connection drops and resyncing! I personally think you have a line fault as I also just checked and you had a netgear modem also which it did it too. If i am correct in my thinking your dsl uptime log will prove it. Therefore it is an issue for your isp/phone company to fix for you. Sorry for late response but I have been in meetings all afternoon here in the UK.
  7. BIG__DOG

    XR 500 wired Disconnections

    agh ok, sweet, I have that model also. Make sure you have UPnP disabled on the asus if you use it and have it enabled on the XR500. Also disable "always on" setting for the xbox. What country are you in and your isp please?
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    XR 500 wired Disconnections

    When you say "Asus" is that a router or a modem/router and what model. is "everything" connected and running through the XR500 or do you have devices running through your asus also.
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    1 Doulbe check if you can that your dsl cable (that runs from your socket to your modem (rj11 connectors on each end) is a shielded cable also. There are sellers out there that sell cat6 cables with rj11 on either end. Just do your homework and ditch the shitty cable that comes with your modem/router. This is a cable that many DSL users overlook!
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    VPN Users Required

    It may be a good idea to release R1OS and then test the hybrid VPN as there's already rumblings of this being seen as a further setback in the release. Just saying as I am starting to see 1 or 2 posts starting to emerge!
  11. HAHAHA!!!! All I know is that I have beta tested it and it is running great, much better than the original beta test. Atleast now you guys know it is being intensely worked on and tested. I would love to post screenshots but signing my NDA does not permit this I'm afraid! As for actual release time that is down to the powers that be, not us lowly testers! But I hope it is very very soon!
  12. It is in the final beta testing stage and will be released shortly, you can believe me or not, the choice is yours. You shall see soon enough.
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    port forwarding

    settings>>>>>advanced settings>>>>>upnp
  14. Hi all. There have been several posts/comments regarding a good isp. Therefore I have decided to add the full official list of the top rated ISP's published by ThinkBroadband for the UK for August 2018. I will post ratings once a month to help UK members decide on a good choice ISP. I hope someone will find this helpful. BD Provider Rank Based on Customer Service (change since previous month) Customer Service Reliability Overall Satisfaction AAISP 1 (=) 99.1% 97.6% 98.8% IDNet 2 (=) 94.2% 90.9% 91.3% Zen Internet 3 (=) 91.5% 89.8% 88.8% Hyperoptic 4 (new entry) 89.2% 86.9% 89.5% Daisy Wholesale 5 (-1) 76.2% 78.6% 77.2% Plusnet 6 (-1) 75.7% 76.8% 75.5% EE Mobile 3G/4G 7 (-1) 72.2% 72.0% 71.6% Three 3G/4G 8 (new entry) 69% 63.5% 65.2% EE (fixed line) 9 (-2) 68.8% 62.6% 63.9% Vodafone Home Broadband 10 (-1) 68.1% 68.4% 69.3% Sky 11 (-3) 67.4% 68.2% 66.4% Virgin Media 12 (-2) 65.4% 66.2% 59.6% BT 13 (-2) 60.6% 68.3% 65.7% TalkTalk 14 (-2) 57.4% 64.6% 62.7%
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    UK ISP ratings for August 2018

    I agree entirely. Just thought it would help some members out there. And a vast majority of people use wifi as their connection. Surveys can be taken with a pinch of salt and I no doubt can find another survey with polar opposite results. But, virginmedia should be at the bottom of any survey!
  16. BIG__DOG

    Xr500 Help

    Set 1 of your xbox's to go through DMZ. There is a nat issue going on as both consoles are trying to use the same ports.
  17. BIG__DOG

    dhcp server

    If you are talking about the gamer package it's £60 a month for it. Talktalk for £31 a month for 80/20 as that is the same bandwidth availability are just as good as they use their owns infrastructure and although they use your bt line (if already connected to the property) it will not run through bt's network. If you do a bt wholesale line test on a talktalk line it says it is a none bt connection. Virgin are garbage for gaming, streaming or fast downloads they are top, but latency/ping critical tasks that require instantaneous responses then they are no good as their network is not maintained frequently enough. There's a virgin cabinet at the bottom of my street that has been wide open for 5 months with wires hanging out and I have reported it at least 10 times with pictures and still it is not sorted. IDNET give a static ip address which is handy and customer service is first class and UK based. I am currently with talktalk but I am due to switch back to IDNET on sept 17th as a static ip is critical for me now!
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    Dark theme still needs a little tweaking.

    HUH????? Can somebody translate the above comment into understandable English?
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    just change it in the router. Windows will auto use the DNS it finds on the router anyway, not from your isp. You can always change the dns on your pc if you so wish but it is not necessary.
  20. yes. A reboot of the router is advisable to make sure the changes take effect!
  21. Have you tried giving them all static ip addresses. If they do not have 1 then dhcp leasing may force them all to get new ip addresses when the lease time expires which would cause your issue.
  22. BIG__DOG


    you need a stable connection. Interleaving is applied on VDSL lines to maintain stability on a line with noise issues. Interleaving can be applied to a line if a modem is started several times in a relatively short period of time. I was messing about with mine the other day and interleave was imposed on my connection. It takes roughly 9 - 11 days for it to be lifted and to be placed on fastpath again.
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    Well, it's a funny old thing and coincidence this topic should appear. This prompted me to check my cables and run a BQM. I found massive spikes and the only thing I had altered in my network lately was to add a Netgear S8000 switch...........Yes, I used the friggin cable it came with (UTP which I hadn't noticed) as it was only 12inches long and was a perfect length. I had a heart attack this morning when I checked my BQM so I repleced that cable and hopefully my BQM wil;l be level again. Just goes to show a slight overlook on your cables can be horrific! Pingplotter ran as soon as I swapped cable.................................BQM shows horrific spikes and packet loss........cable swapped over at 2pm. Now all I need is interleaving to go away and drop back down to 7ms ping!
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    There are 2 types of ethernet cables, STP and UTP. STP (shielded Twisted Pair) are the better choice of the 2. They help protect the data flowing through them from electrical and radio interference. A lot of folk just pick up cables without checking if they are STP or UTP. UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) are mainly used in home networks mainly shipped with devices that come with ethernet cables (like a cheap ass isp supplied modem/router).
  25. BIG__DOG

    Ping assist vs geo distance

    Glad to help! 🐶