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  1. BIG__DOG

    Should i get the XR700?

    I have the XR700 (yes I was a beta tester) and it is a beast. It has a lot of horse power and apart from it being used for gaming I use the in-built plex server to connect to my NAS for global streaming wherever I may be. I also have the XR500 and the R1.....Forget the R1 as Jack say's it may be limiting for your needs but it is still a good little router.
  2. BIG__DOG

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    had a few games of FFA and I gotta say it is performing well on the XB1X......better than PS4 at the moment.
  3. BIG__DOG

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    That's because they need the extra bullets to kill you. a good player plays HC as it is all about reaction time
  4. BIG__DOG

    Black Ops 4: General Gaming Discussion (not support)

    LOL, just when I start getting to like this game I get this crap!!!
  5. that is located under settings>>>>>wan setup. Insert the ip address of the console you wish to DMZ.
  6. If the game you are playing is BO4 then there have been no dedicated servers available outside of the U.S for some reason. It has been like this since an hour after launch!
  7. If you read the above comments by myself and Netduma you will have read that it was Netgear who failed to add it to the last F.W release not Netduma. Netduma have contacted Netgear to have it added on the next firmware release.
  8. I hope so as it is a great feature but it is down to netgear to add it not netduma I am sure they will as Netduma have asked them to impliment it!
  9. BIG__DOG

    I updet my xr500

  10. The routers are sold by NETGEAR not Netduma. Netduma designed the interface that runs on the XR500, XR700 and R1. It is NETGEAR that decide when to add the VPN and other features that netduma create. If you have a problem take it up on their forum. I do know Netduma have asked Netgear to add it to the next firmware release on the XR500.
  11. BIG__DOG

    I updet my xr500

    you can do a speedtest and manually input your speeds into the QOS. What FW version are you running?
  12. BIG__DOG


    How about he adds his iptv box to dmz? Just incase 1 or 2 ports are not opening!
  13. BIG__DOG


    as you are a virginmedia customer did you put your superhub into "modem only mode" ?
  14. there's quite a few posts that have not migrated over, I wwas looking for 1 on thursday regarding pia vpn i knew was on old forum but cannot find it on here. Sorry you missed the post, I do know it is really almost ready as a FW update was posted a couple of days ago and it looks like it is doing very well.