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  1. as Pharmdawdd said above.......click on the burger symbol in QOS section under Bandwidth Allocation to open the share excess option.
  2. BIG__DOG

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    no, it is not possible or advisable to do it wirelessly. You have the email so upgrade when your laptop is fixed and connect it wired to your R1.
  3. BIG__DOG

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    it is because there are a lot of users that are not running the current release of R1OS so to eliminate/reduce the amount of 1on1's and tech help flooding they decided to roll out in batches of 50 users at a time to make sure users have the best experience and hassle free upgrade to dumaOS.
  4. <---- Moved this thread to the correct section of the forum.
  5. BIG__DOG

    best huawei modem???

    the 1 that gets mentioned all the time is the hg612 but that is for UK BT lines and will probably not work on your connection.
  6. UPDATE: After a factory reset all is fine now, consoles connected to switch are showing up in geo filtering.
  7. My synology NAS (218play) does not support plex yet. I could use my nvidia shield TV box as a plex server. I am also considering factory resetting the XR700 to see if it fixes my switch and geo filtering issue. I will be doing that in about an hour when they have gone out for the afternoon.
  8. Oh, I forgot to say, if I connect my XB1 directly into the XR700 with the switch attached I still get no geo filtering.
  9. Hi y'all. I have the S8000 switch and have had it for a month or so unused until I got some ALONE time. I have EVERYTHING running through this switch, including 2 routers as access points as the XR700's wifi is disabled. My problem is that the XB1 and the PS4 do not show up lobbies/servers on the map at all. Only when I connect the console directly to the router does geo filtering work. Is there something I am missing or is this a caveat for using a managed switch?
  10. BIG__DOG

    XR500 instead of X10

    the new XR700 is the X10 but with DumaOS running on it and a new casing but the actual hardware is the same. I have both XR500 and XR700 and both are great routers.
  11. BIG__DOG

    R1 DumaOS Initial Review

    Oh go on then, I will give it a gander!
  12. Dunno what the actual differences in coding are between the XR500 and XR700 but my XR700 UPnP page is populating.