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  1. BIG__DOG

    cant get an open nat at all :(

    Seeing as you are not using a netduma router or a nighthawk with dumaOS on it I suggest you go to Netgear forum for technical support instead of ths forum.
  2. BIG__DOG

    Link aggregation

    what cables are you using for lagg? If you are following all procedures you have watched then it should work. Are you getting any throughput at all? Is this for NAS? Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 are needed to support 10gbps speeds.
  3. if you wish to use ping assist effectively then you need to place your geo location over the ocean, set the radius to it's bare minimum, disable fast search and select your ping assist to 10ms above your base ping (which is what i do with a base ping of 11 i set mine to 21ms).
  4. you said your gateway was always and now you are saying it is Nighthawk routers such as XR500 and XR700, those 2 routers do not have a default of 88.1 so I am a little confused as theirs is which is the default netgear ip address! try this process: open command prompt! inconfig /release ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flush dns try to access the router with this ip address indicated when it is renewed! Also, are your ethernet cables snugly fitted and not worked loose.
  5. you can also go to command prompt in windows and tye ipconfig to see what your gateway ip address is and enter what it says.
  6. did you do a factory reset? If not then do so by holding the reset pin for 15 seconds and release then leave it to go through setup process. After 2 mins go to your browser and try to connect to the router again. Are you trying to connect wired or wirelessly?
  7. BIG__DOG

    XR500 v.40

    I cannot see it.
  8. As @Netduma Fraser stated there's a new firmware for the XR500 so check for update through the router as Netgear have not updated their website yet to show there's a new firmware release.
  9. I am gonna do the update in the morning for the XR500 as mine is used by my lad for his internet so I can controle his access. I will do it when he is at school tomorrow.
  10. clear your browser cache then do the following in the command prompt>>>>> ipconfig /release then press enter ipconfig /renew then press enter (make a note of your gateway ip) ipconfig /flushdns then press enter. go to your browser and log into it using the gateway ip you worte down.
  11. settings>>>>>administration. try deleting your browser cache first.
  12. some users scoff at me when I suggest a fatory reset after a firmware install, but I am never the 1 who has any issues
  13. clear your browser cache. It is always advisable to do a factory reset after installation of a new firmware.