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  1. BIG__DOG


  2. BIG__DOG

    PC black ops 4

    Hi. Welcome to the forum. Instead of identifying your pc as a pc, identify it as a console and that will solve your geo filter issue. Once you have done this reboot the router. Let me know if this fixes your issue.
  3. agh ok. The fact you said you connected directly to the modem without the router and was still getting 12ms of jitter would strongly suggest you have a line fault. You should only have 1ms which is about the average on a good solid connection. It could be solved by either switching isp's or getting your line checked by an engineer. If your isp is being an arse about it you could switch isp's and if the issue still continues it is a line fault. I would bet my last penny that if you try another router it will still give you the exact same results.
  4. it is 1 of 2 things, either a line fault or a faulty modem. You could try changing isp's if you are able to but that will not solve your problem if it is a line fault. What make of modem do you have?
  5. hi. PIA works perfectly fine on this router as I was a member until December with them. I don't know how to sort your log out as that is for Netduma to respond to but if you have your router set to login with username and password and you changed it from the default then nobody can access that information apart from yourself.
  6. hi. If you connected your pc directly to the modem and have a "jitter" of 12ms that is disgustingly bad a 12ms Ping is fine, so did you mean jitter or ping? If you meant jitter then you have a bad line/connection and your isp is fobbing you off as they never take responsibility for anything that goes wrong with their network. How are you doing these tests? The best and most reliable method is to use pingplotter as that is as accurate as you can get.
  7. BIG__DOG

    I cant login to dumaos r1

    just out of curiosity try netdumar1 username and netdumar1 password! @Netduma Fraser any idea why this is happening?
  8. BIG__DOG

    I cant login to dumaos r1

    how did you perform the reset? Via the reset pin at the back of the router or via the gui? Are you running dumaOS or R1OS?
  9. BIG__DOG

    I cant login to dumaos r1

    hi. did you do the command prompt ipconfig to double check your gateway ip is and not
  10. BIG__DOG

    I cant login to dumaos r1

    connect your pc directly to the router via ethernet cable and reboot router. Once fully rebooted go to cmd promt and type ipconfig. Find the gateway address and then go to your browser, clear cache and then enter the gateway address and you should be in the router gui. The default router gateway ip is 192.168.888.1
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. What device are you trying to access te router with?
  12. BIG__DOG

    new error code

    If it was only happening in Chrome browser I was going to suggest you either clear the cache or try an alternate browser such as opera or firefox to double check. Glad it is now sorted for you after the reset though.
  13. BIG__DOG

    Netduma R1

    have you performed a reset by pushing in the reset button with a paper clip or pin into the reset hole at the rear of the router?
  14. BIG__DOG

    XR500 for black ops 4

    hi. Don't rely on dsl reports, it is not 100% accurate. The best option is to use pingplotter which will test your ping and line status. WOS sliders should be set 70/70 as a base line but should be adjusted to suite your connection as everyone's is different. Ping cannot be lowered, your base ping is your base ping. A change of ISP or a fixed fault on your line are the only ways to get a better ping. Download/upload is linked to qos so you would have to be more specific for an answer on that question. Geo filter is preferential as you can either rely on ping assist or geo filter radius. Here is the guide for the geo filter, you can find other guides on here also. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000077072-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-geo-filter Hope this helped and please let us know if you need further assistance.
  15. Here is a video showing the best weapons in each class for Apex Legends. Not my kinda game but I know it floats a lot of peoples boats!!!!