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  1. Thank you guys work so good I don’t have Any issue
  2. Ok I’m home What do you want me to do
  3. I’m Available What I need to do
  4. PS4 pro and PS4 iOS USA Pennsylvania
  5. Numo36

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I have two r1 routines and xr500 DumaOs DumaOs is shit and I’m not kidding I am serious spending so much money for what I cannot find a good ping or anything
  6. Where can I download v2.2.1.10 frmwer i have lot of issue with my router Thank you
  7. Numo36

    FIFA 18 Servers

    What I try to say I cannot find low-ping server and on the map doesn’t show me where I am connected
  8. Why do I always Connect On the other side of the country This is the only for server always pop up I can’t find go to server I can’t find good server doesn’t matter where I move my location
  9. Why do I always try connect cross the country this is the only for server pop up
  10. Numo36

    Dedicated server

    What Do you think Arris/Motorola: TM822G TP-Link: TC-7610 TC-7610-E