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    Link aggregation

    How to Setup Link Aggregation on the Nighthawk X700 Router And nighthawk x10 switch I try so many different ways I watch so many videos on YouTube and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong I can get it If anybody knows how to do it please help Thank you in advance
  2. Numo36


    Can somebody what is the best modem for Xfinity one gig speed this is the one I have right now Netgear CM1000 DOCSIS 3.1 Ultra High Speed Gigabit Cable Modem
  3. Numo36


    Do you know if in fifa19 season And FUT use same servers
  4. Numo36


    I’ll try my best
  5. Numo36


    Thank you so much appreciate
  6. Numo36


    Seasons how you Fors Game to connect to server
  7. Numo36


    Xr700 Doesn’t give me good games on the FIFA 19 I even have xr500
  8. Numo36


    I have connected xr700 and R1 to gather as the good combination When I play fifa19 ps4 my game leg
  9. Numo36


  10. Numo36


    I have a ping set up 30 But I always connect hallway across the country
  11. I just got my XR700 it’s amazing I love it speed of Wi-Fi I play Sam games on PlayStation Pro I didn’t have any issues
  12. I have two R1 router XR500 and I just bought xr700 I love it My Wi-Fi is so fast man oh man
  13. Thank you guys work so good I don’t have Any issue