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  1. When I play Call of Duty 4, my ping is always around 50+. Are there any suggestions within duma to help lower this? I am on the east coast and have to use Comcast for my services. I currently have 150/6 speeds. I have my state selected and it's set at 70% 70%. I also enabled bloat to always on. I am also on the new OS.
  2. toadie09

    Lower my ping

    I am guessing this is why my games are so inconsistent. The shoot first, die first is real.
  3. toadie09

    Lower my ping

    geo-filter and it does spike a lot.
  4. Question: What should I set the download and upload cap too? I had 70% for both on the old OS. I play on the Xbox x, crappy Comcast service and play mostly call of duty.
  5. toadie09

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    The only issue so far was figuring out the default password, which was password. HA! So far so good. I will spend some time on it tonight, but it looks good out of the gate.