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    help please

    Hi big dog, do you mess with the advanced settings in adding you system to the classified?
  2. Yes I see what you are talking about, but where it says “service” mines says Xbox and it will not let me change it to PlayStation. I’ve seen on others where it has let them but mines it won’t. It makes me think there is something wrong with my router. It doesn’t seem like a typo if others have PlayStation under where it says service on the selected games
  3. And also I’ve noticed that others can select PlayStation, but I can’t. Is my router broken? Faulty hardware? Idk but I’ve notice that on videos and pics and from what other people are telling me they are able to select it but I cannot;(
  4. Ok, will there be a fix for it soon? I feel like the dumOS mainly caters to Xbox and not PlayStation:( also, do I need to mess with advanced settings in “traffic priorities selector?”
  5. Hi Big Dog, when I click add device, xbox, games console and then apply........same but select ps4 for ps4 console. I click my PlayStation 4 but the service says Xbox. How do I change that to Sony or PlayStation? It’s not giving me and option and what does “DPI” mean?
  6. No there is no drop down list to select PlayStation network and I know sim made a video. I watched the whole thing. It says nothing about it. This router is not as diverse as the netduma r1
  7. Can someone please help me? I have the XR500 and whenever I manually add my PS4 to the traffic prioritization it say under service “Xbox “ that is clearly wrong since I have PS4. How do I change it to psn?
  8. Finally fixed it. Thanks guys! I used Fraser's method and it was opened in no time!
  9. And I do not have a modem/router. It is just a Tp link modem and the netduma
  10. But when I have it enabled I get moderate. How do u disable rest mode on PS4?
  11. I really appreciate all the feedback guys! Thank you! And when I say it feels weird, I mean by gameplay and when my gun shoots, it feels rough and not fluid. My aim assist goes all over the place and I have a 2.40kd so I am no noob to COD at all it just doesn't feel the same as to when upnp is actually working. Everything just feels off for some reason and is it possible to turn off rest mode on PS4? Never heard of that. I sold my COD AW and didn't like COD IW so all I have is BO3 on PS4 and on PS3 I have all the other cods so should I hook up my PS3 and try to get it opened that way?
  12. i used to be able to get an open nat on PS4 playing bo3 but now it stays on moderate. I've done all the resets and read forum guides and followed them to the T but same results. Can somebody please help me? And no I do not want to manually port forward because it doesn't feel the same when I play. I payed good money for the router and I expect upnp to work. You get what you pay for right?