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  1. If it happens again I'll be sure to create a Pastebin of the logs for you to check out.
  2. It 100% did put random devices into the Geo-Filter. I originally had 2 devices that I set specifically in the Geo-Filter, and when the extreme lag in my game started occurring, I signed into my router to find out that two completely different devices with different MAC Addresses than the one I originally had it set to were applied instead. The device manager seemed to randomly rename the two devices that I had originally set in the Geo-Filter specifically. That might most likely be why the Geo-Filter chose two random devices from my network to fill in the gaps since the names of the original two devices changed and the Geo-Filter could not find them. Both devices I had Geo-Filter set for before the glitch occurred were PCs, one is used to mainly play Overwatch, and the other is used by a family member and is usually playing Fortnite. The Fortnite PC was changed by the device manager to a console device out of nowhere.
  3. Okay so here's an update: I downgraded to the firmware that Frazer provided me and did a factory reset, and the internet drops have gone away. But a new issue has occurred with the Geo-Filter and a few other issues. I will list the bugs below. It does not keep the settings I originally put, and puts random devices in the list to Geo-Filter that I did not put myself. There is also unbearable lag in my games. I will turn off Geo-Filter, play a few games and see if this persists. When I add a second device to the Geo-Filter, it automatically lists it as a console instead of giving me an option to choose what game I want to Geo-Filter for specifically. Device manager randomly renames devices and classifies them as random types when I had them set to something else. This is pretty unfortunate, considering the latest firmware has an internet dropping problem, and the downgraded firmware has a Geo-Filter and game lag issue. I'm not sure what to do here.
  4. Thanks for the very quick response, Netduma support team! I will try the downgraded firmware and keep you updated if the issue persists. UPDATE: I had to factory reset my router after the downgrade, since the router for some reason was not able to detect an internet connection from my modem. Once I factory reset and put all my settings back to how they were, its up and running with no issues so far. I'll have to wait a few days and see if the issue I was having with the latest firmware is still present though, but so far so good.
  5. So for two days straight now, my XR500 has randomly dropped both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections completely. You can still connect to the router, but internet is not available. Once I reboot the router its back to normal until the following day when it drops connection again. I have a few settings enabled such as Wi-Fi Smart Switch, Anti Bufferbloat when high priority traffic is detected, and Geo Filter for two of the devices in my home, both on Filtering mode. I'm running on version I will see if I can keep an eye on the logs next time this issue occurs.