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    Hi, I’m Cody, just your average tech junkie. Retired at a young age due to a plant explosion (check the factious display name lol) If you can’t laugh at life something’s wrong... I’m an avid Xbox one gamer, look me up under one of my gamer tags on XBL if you’d like to game sometime.
  1. ExtraCrispy86 DNS

    Ok then know it all, do me this little test and you tell me if you could notice a distinct improvement. Use your ISP’s DNS servers manually on an xbox console and check the detailed network statistics. Then test using cloudflare’s and I bet that 9/10 people notice a 20-30 second decrease in latency. Care to explain that Mr WorldWideWeb expert!?!
  2. ExtraCrispy86 DNS

    DNS can greatly affect responsiveness/lag. It's always best to run DNSBenchmark to see what the optimal DNS server is for your area. Or you can do like me and dive down the servemyhome forums and figure out how to run a docker with a DNSResolver in it. I'm Experimenting with pfSense and unRaid now to build a Caching server for my home network
  3. ExtraCrispy86

    PUBG Players, can you help?

    I'll widen the geo-filter to include all of North America and post any coords that are different from the norm here.
  4. ExtraCrispy86


    Bet its someone using the FPS Dominator Mod for their controller lol.
  5. ExtraCrispy86

    XR500 Issues

    can i get the same firmware fix as well? my gameplay is getting very delayed hit markers on xbox one
  6. ExtraCrispy86

    Upnp issue

    Wait, since when was it supposed to do that? Mine never has lol
  7. ExtraCrispy86

    Upnp issue

    I hear ya, I've been having to port forward since before the XR500 came out, I run two to three consoles at once playing PUBG with friends. Think I'll keep this firmware just because the connections I'm getting have almost no jitter lol
  8. ExtraCrispy86

    Upnp issue

    It’d be a lot safer just to port forward all the ports needed for Xbox live and add whichever game you’re playings ports
  9. PUBG XB1X Louisiana - USA
  10. ExtraCrispy86

    Does DumaOS support Nintendo Switch

    After pulling up a bunch of videos and checking them I have the best possible solution for now. Nintendo switch has a usb 3.0 port on the dock but the main hub hasn’t had the coding upgrade yet to run more than about 25up and 10 down. For now it’s better to use WiFi on the xr500 with the Switch. In the Switch’s Setting I turned off all the news pages it makes you follow automatically and switched it to airplane mode and only enabled WiFi, less internal bandwidth used on non necessary things the more for the downloads. I reserved my IP for my switch and set it as the DMZ which helped a bit and after googling tons of videos I decide to try using Googles DNS on the Switch itself and got another steady increase. It’s pulling around 45 down and 25 up, nowhere near the speeds I’m capable but that the max I’ve been able to see, for now. For any faster download speeds on the Nintendo Switch, gotta wait for a few more firmware updates from Nintendo...
  11. ExtraCrispy86

    Dedicated servers Block?

    No worries, it’s just a joy to hear it’s being worked on. Can’t really game properly on most vpns bc they’re so slow... Can you try to use IPVanish as well as HideMyAss when testing?
  12. ExtraCrispy86

    Dedicated servers Block?

    Awesome news! Yea stealth mode seemed to help a lot on the R1, have it uncheck as well but thought stealth mode would also obfuscate the ip? When the VPN hybrid comes out, will we be able to adjust the vpn to our own personally created VPN (OpenVPN based)?
  13. ExtraCrispy86

    Does DumaOS support Nintendo Switch

    My Xbox runs at about 650 mb down and 40 up. The Nintendo switch has no Ethernet port so WiFi only... I’m still testing away on different settings for a temp fix for now. 3hrs a game download is ridiculous lol
  14. ExtraCrispy86

    Dedicated servers Block?

    We shouldn’t have to use a vpn, y’all should have the same option y’all have on the R1 that hides our IP so we don’t get ddos. Plus VPN’s are crap for quality gaming and DumaOS doesn’t have the proper customizable options for setting up one through any other VPN besides Hidemyass just like the R1...
  15. ExtraCrispy86

    Does DumaOS support Nintendo Switch

    It doesn’t work like that Jack, y’all dont even have any coding for it specifically in DumaOS yet. I’m trying to use it set as a wii with upnp and disconnecting all other devices from the internet and the fastest it wants to transfer speeds is 30 down and 10 up. I have 950 down and 55 up as my current internet speed from my modem to my desktop. The QoS for DumaOS classifified games needs to be updated as well as the geo filter profile list.