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  1. Sorry to bump this , any news on applying the fix?
  2. Finally success. As suspected the root problem was in my 4G broadband connection. By default they (Elisa Finland) use private addresses and you have to order an addition to the service called Dynamic Public IP Address (link for other potential Finnish Netduma users out there). Also for some reason I could not get the bridge mode working on the original Huawei B525-65a router; Netduma just refused to get the single IP from the router. So I bought Huawei B715 which had bridge mode advertised and it worked immediately. The software seemed almost identical between these two Huawei routers so I cannot understand why B525-65a did not work. So port 7777 is now showing as open! Go ahead with the fix.
  3. Tick ‘Allow remote access to Netduma tech support’ -> done Go to Settings >UPnP and enable the feature if it's not already enabled -> done Go to Settings > Port Forwarding and remove any rules -> done Netduma WAN IP manually set to which is also configured as the Huawei router's DMZ address -> done Port forwarding disable in Huawei router's settings -> done Try disabling Huawei router's firewall -> done Port scan 7777 -> FAIL I'm starting to think that my 4G connection does not support incoming connections at all. Btw, my laptop had no problems connecting to Huawei router in bridge mode (public IP received and internet worked nicely) but Netduma somehow fails. Is there really no other way to upgrade to latest R1 firmware besides allowing remote access?
  4. I'll need some help upgrading from 1.03.4 to DumaOS. Unfortunately my current 4G modem does not support bridge mode and the dmz is also not working properly. My ISP very recently informed that our ADSL connection was going to be disconnected and replaced with 4G and I haven't had the time to dig into this issue properly. The modem (Huawei B525s-65a) was provided by the ISP. Is there another way to first upgrade from 1.03.4 to 1.03.6g (or h/j) manually without remote access? Based on this I guess not. So I will either try to get the dmz working or get a new 4G modem with proper bridge mode support? My Netduma has been running flawless for years and I had not even noticed that my 1.03.4 was not the latest. In my defence the Upgrade screen still says "You are already running the latest firmware." 😉 Any help is well appreciated!