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    Destiny 2

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  2. TeslaDev

    Destiny 2

    Booted with padlock at: ID: f836b17cd397b5ba
  3. Thank you for the continued response, on something that is probably nothing. I also tried that - brought the filter in to just NA and left it there for several hours, the connection persisted. I'll reboot the router when I get home from work, as it was also still showing the connection when I opened the Geo-filter this morning.
  4. That's the confusing part. I even disconnected the consoles from the network completely...but that connection is persisting. I pulled the Ethernet cables from them, waited 10 minutes, reloaded the Geo-filter, and it's still there. ID: 22d4370271c1bbc0
  5. Hey all, Is this something I should be worried about? I have my PS4 and X1 shut down. Only my gaming PC up (which I don't have configured....) ...but I still keep getting this connection showing up. I've never seen this before.
  6. TeslaDev

    Optimal Destiny Settings?

    Thanks Chive. A bit better today so far. Crossing fingers it holds.
  7. TeslaDev

    Optimal Destiny Settings?

    Hi Fraser, I too have been having issues with Destiny. Not disconnects, but I'm constantly high ping (red bar) and having trouble resolving connections with other players. Other players can't see my emblem and just some really poor performance (hit detection, lag, etc). I'm currently running the settings that Chive has posted (http://forum.netduma.com/topic/20726-the-best-settings-imo-for-the-10306-firmware/?do=findComment&comment=145385). However, I saw you mention a cloud update. Per Chive's settings I have auto-cloud and bleeding edge cloud disabled. Would your updates push through to the Whitelist/Game Server/Map Chive has listed? I have also checked my internet with ping plotter and am reporting 0 packet loss and stable ping to google.com and bungie.net. All speeds look good. Nothing of note. Rebooted everything twice. Part of me believes this is on bungie's end. Things have been rough for the last 6 months. With the uptick of players due to the recent update I figured it'd be a bit better, however it's only gotten worse...with this weekend being atrocious and my red-bar prominent. I'm usually always full green unless the whole lobby is dragged down. Now I'm the only red-bar in lobbies of full green. I might hop over to my netgear router to test if it is my R1, I just don't want to spend hours tinkering with my network setup. Edit: I should say I'm testing on a new day..with resetting everything and seeing how it goes.