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  1. THank you Jack, Will I be able to upgrade back to DumaOS once the ping assist update is out?
  2. I've posted a help topic before but I keep getting BO4 lobbies with over 100 ping VS the normal 30. I'm also having issues with not actually connecting to servers within my range (entire Northeast united states). Is it possible to downgrade from the DUMA OS so I can search matches via ping rather than distance?
  3. mike10522

    trying to filter blackout lobbies

    this is odd, there are none inside my circle https://imgur.com/a/zI3sqp2 That guy in texas is a friend who I have whitelisted, we're in a party chat
  4. mike10522

    trying to filter blackout lobbies

    i turned on my filter, it took me 20 mins to find a match, which i have 90 ping
  5. I've noticed I've been placed in blackout lobbies with over 100 ping. After turning on my Geofilter I cannot find a lobby. My geo filter is set over the entire Northeast coast, I've restarted the router, xbox, and game. Anyone else running into these same issues? Will the geofilter not work with blackout?
  6. a friend who lives around 200 miles from me can no longer join my black ops 4 lobby. We can party chat just fine, I've allowed him with the geo filter, I've turned the filter off restarted router and the xbox. Before updating to the dumaOS we joined each other just fine. What steps should I take here?
  7. hello, I have the filter set to 1300 km distance (i had half of that before i upgraded). Now every time I try to play a game of bo4, I keep getting the lobby is not joinable error message.
  8. mike10522

    I keep getting peer connections today on b04

    ID: 1845e7b2e2b71f24 i just connected to this Snd lobby it was so laggy but my ping was somehow 29?
  9. mike10522

    I keep getting peer connections today on b04

    is there a mega thread for that?
  10. hello, if I remember, if the host descriptor says "update" instead of "temp banned" that means it's a peer connection right? Up until today, all my connections have been to a server, but I keep getting connected to a peer today. Anyone also having these issues or any suggestions on how I should fix it? I have my distance set to 0 and ping filter set to 35, I have tried setting a small distance radius but same results.
  11. @netduma Fraser you said I'm good to upgrade but my router says 1.03.3 so just double checking making sure I don't break it.
  12. i'm on version 1.03.3 need remote access to upgrade my router please