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    Ping Assist v2 on XR500

    Indeed but looking over on the NG forums they have taken over a year to release the VPN system allowing users to select their own VPN. Does that mean the same for ping assist!. That worries me, this is a game changer and I really don't fancy waiting a year while they stock up on the $$$ from their XR700. One can hope, I am sorry to be negative but I should not have to wait a long time on a £250 router to get the latest cool features from the DumaOS.
  2. alex.devine

    Ping Assist v2 on XR500

    Thank you for your prompt reply I think I am going to return this router, Netgear takes way to long to release updates and pick up an R1. You guys should have selected ASUS as your provider, much better company. Thank you once again.
  3. Hi, I am a user of the XR500, when you release the ping assist will we have to wait a year to get it like the other updates from Netgear? OR Will it be released when you guys (NetDuma) release it? Thank you.