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  1. Hi Jack Thanks for the help , sorry could not answer back earlier, had to work . I have got a vpn but the software is not installed and no settings put into netduma. I had checked my other devices laptop etc before I had the new hg612 modem and they were all showing the same speeds as my main computer , about 8-10 meg. At your suggestion I thought I would check them again and the speeds were 24 meg on them, working great. As my speeds were ok with the new openreach modem and my other devices I rechecked the ethernet lead going to my computer , was all ok , tried a different lead to be sure still the same problem. I have software installed on my computer reboot restore rx pro , which enables me to quickly," in seconds" restore to a previous checkpoint. So I restored to mid May checkpoint and checked the speed test and the speeds are back up to 24 meg. There must have been something in some software/operating system which buggered it up. Never had anything like that happen before. When I used the speed test I tried multiple browsers , chrome , internet explorer, edge etc. and they were all showing low speeds so I do not know what had kicked in to affect all of them. Thanks for mentioning to check the other devices again ,it put me on the right path. Hopefully if someone else has the same problem it might help them too. Thanks again mate , HAVE A GREAT DAY!!
  2. Ok changed everything to your settings ,leads are ok , tried two sets, ran test off my pc by Ethernet. Test results ping 14 download 9.75 upload 1.75. Thanks for the help man!!
  3. Thanks Jack I will give it a go now with your settings and get back to you and let you know how it goes. Cheers mate!
  4. I have a problem with my netduma. Up until recently I have been getting speeds of about 24 meg down and 2 meg up. I am with plusnet fibre and if I install the plusnet router on its own I get the full speeds. I have been using the bt openreach hg612 modem with the netduma and my speeds have been the same as the plusnet router up until this week. My speeds dropped to 8-10 meg download, tried resetting the netduma changed the leads, left modem and netduma off for 24hours etc. but speeds will not come up. My computer is connected directly to the netduma by Ethernet cable and is the only thing connected at the moment for testing.Normally everything goes through the netduma , 4 ethernet leads connected and wifi on for the rest of the stuff. I thought there might be a problem with the "unlocked "hg612 modem as I couldn't get it to reset with the button on the back, thought it might not be syncing to the correct speed so I ordered another one to make sure. Today a new one arrived and its doing exactly the same as the old one. I reflashed the firmware on the netduma to 1.06g and reset settings and put in my settings of 24/2 and speed test will not go over 10 meg. What is weird is, that is with preemptive , if I choose reactive which has always given me best speeds the speed is lower, 8meg. Need some help with this guys! Thanks