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    Hey Azza, Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I have PS4 added to geo filter devices and filtering ticked. I understand that some servers can't be blocked, think the one I always get authenticated against is in Ireland going by what lights up as I sit in menu/lobby before searching for matches. Thankfully I use capital letters which identifies the good from bad to the utterly horrendous, but it's annoying that it's putting me in, I then have to leave and try again, and sometimes it puts me back in, even after a good couple of minutes break before searching a match. Seems pointless having an Allow/Deny if it isn't going to follow the rules, particularly with the peer (going by dumaos) connections, though I do appreciate that sometimes it will throw me into a dedi when no other options are available, but its happening regularly now, spending more time leaving and searching than playing lol Sorry for rambling on lol
  2. What's the point of this!!! I am continually denying both peers and servers (as indicated by your router) with this function and it keeps putting me back into them, I give it the 3 game chance before I add to the allow/deny service before its blocked and when you pay good money for a router like this you expect it to block any server/peer that has been proven to be rubbish.....but yet its not, am I missing something???
  3. Hi, Wondering how I know that the allow/deny is actually working as I've noticed the game has recently started to put me into lobbies which I have actually denied. See attached screenshots; Cheers in advance for any help James
  4. Guilders

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Disappointing!! Few weeks is such a grey phrase!! It amazes me too that 'the lawyers' only noticed this the day before release!!!
  5. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    Hi Guys, So an update..... Firstly weekend lodge was full-on carnage, with loads of booze drunk, little eaten ( if you eat you cheat mantra ) and next to none of that thing called sleep!!! Can't wait until the next one lol. So onto the Duma..... Since disabling port forwarding and ticking UPnP the ability to temp ban has come back, and within seconds of banning a server I'm out and looking again for a new game. I have been gaming for long sessions at a time and each time it works effortlessly, I would see the temp ban button, and even if the game was good (mainly non UK server) I would still ban it just for testing, and, as I say, all good and worked as it used to. For giggles I'm going to untick UPnP again and enable the ports to see if the temp ban issue rears its ugly head again, mainly just to completely confirm, look to do that sometime during the weekend. One issue that has appeared is it is very difficult to set up party chat ( PS4 ) keeps saying NAT issues are the problem, though on PS4 it says NAT Type 2, also in the game it says Open NAT. My friends can all join me, no issues there as whitelisted, but when we set up the party chat we keep having issues, sometimes all players, sometimes just a few. This is a niggle as we like to play SnD when we are together, then, of course, the fun TDM/DOM games whilst having a beer and a laugh. Would I be able to just port forward the chat ports, and if so does anyone have any idea which they are lol, everywhere I've looked it always seems to send me to port forward .com but it doesn't actually say which are for the chat. I will keep looking though So now that the temp ban issue looks like it has been sorted, will I open a new topic for the chat issue??
  6. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    Hey Fraser, I'm away this weekend on an xmas lodge booze up. I'm home Monday and will do an extended gaming session and will let you know.
  7. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    Hey Pollution, You may be onto something, I played a few games last night ( about an hr ) after disabling port forward and ticking UPnP, and there was no temp ban problems or ping issues. I will test this properly again tonight, but when I temp banned 2 servers I was on last night they pretty much kicked me within seconds!! The only side issue was that I couldn't host or be in party chat, saying NAT issues and unable to use party chat, though the in-game chat was ok!! Again I will try a few things in reference to that tonight?today Nice one Pollution, here's hoping you nailed it lol
  8. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    Hey Pollution, I never normally move the home location once I have started, but will take onboard what you say about restarting the console if I do, good tip. I'm going to just do the same, the UK cluster is pathetic (to put it mildly) UPnP is disabled because I port forward.......read that on here somewhere. no anti-virus active!! looked into seeing if chrome had adblocker active and a way to disable adblockers but couldn't find anything anywhere.
  9. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    I get rid of the legend as it takes up too much room when zoomed in lol, but I know what the icons are, normally ( like last night ) loads of yellow out of limits (so to speak) then the odd red square, and even less red circles. Console is hard wired Duma is accessed bt wifi - will try again with it hardwired as its only a couple of feet from me (lazy lol) Nothing running on duma, except MacBook, ps4 and Linksys sub-network nothing discernable chomping anything, even using Linksys network monitor showing only 0.5mb at most, but at the time of night hassle happened it was only me and wife online, she was on Linksys subnetwork, her usage was negligible. When I join game ping is good 20-25ms, not sure when happens within the game but I'll get some strange kills and I'll look at duma gui and notice ping going nuts. Also, I have noticed lately that ping can go nuts after I have tried to temp ban a game but I haven't been kicked out. Speed and ping when network being used for non-gaming use and share excess ticked, download 76mbs upload 18mbs ping 23-25ms
  10. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    Spoke too soon!!! C82 Dedi cluster!! Went to temp ban but instead decided just to leave the match, and the same happened. Mighty confused now LOL
  11. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    next tests 2130hrs home, PA, strict mode as above geo filter off ID: 9d6d9e690a3ca4a9 Distance: 492mi Ping 24ms good game, decent hit detection. changed lobby for testing left things as is and waited 2mins ID: c72d834eca663a3f Distance: 492mi Ping 25ms temp ban test - didn’t work, not sure if its because game ended before it could be banned?? next game didn’t leave the lobby. ID: c72d834eca663a3f Distance: 492mi Ping 22ms the same ID as the previous map went to temp ban and said it was already banned, so why is it I'm connected, this was mins after it was apparently banned!!! next game changed lobby - waited a couple of mins before searching ID: c72d814cca663a3f Distance: 492mi Ping 23ms tried to temp ban but still not working, left game voluntarily as hit detection shocking. Next game all settings same as above but this time geo filter enabled - waited a few mins before looking for a game. ID: b56d905b0a54a4a9 Distance: 492mi Ping 23ms Played 2 games on same host no issues, left lobby waited at least 2mins before searching for another ID: d12d1de8ca703a3f Distance: 652mi Ping - 32ms Played 2 games on this dedi, excellent games, hit detection on point, when you fire last you died first, way it should be. moved into different lobby, same settings 2 min wait. ID: c72dca95ca663a3f Distance: 492mi Ping -25ms temp banned, rubbish hit detection again!! temp ban worked pretty quick this time. After temp ban, the ping went crazy again. GUI very slow again and rebooted Duma Got this last image after the GUI refreshed on the host filter page, I had actually joined a game in the meantime and nothing was showing up on map, zoomed out after and still nothing, this was when ping was going nuts, and gameplay was just horrendous lol Did get a good 2hrs of gameplay, with the worst gameplay coming from the C72 Dedi cluster as I'll call it, don't think I got put on the C82 Dedi cluster yet, but its the same as the C72 anyway It seems strange that the sudden increase in ping comes after a temp ban, possible connection, but also strange that it happens with geo-enabled or not. Any ideas to try to stop it happening, it is a pain, but if I can get a couple of hours at a time before rebooting then that's the nature of the beast
  12. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    Alright guys so so far tonight this is whats happened; 1945 - reboot router, went and picked up wife from work at 8, back in the house for 8:20 Logged into PS4 and opens cod ww2 Home over Central Europe, range 300miles to avoid southern England dedi Ping assist - 0 Strict mode ticked Enabled geo filter 1st Game of night - 10mins ish to find a game ID: 97505e29ed36050a Distance: 273mi Ping 96+ms Then Home over actual home range minimum I can set Ping assist - 50ms Strict mode ticked Enabled geo filter 2nd Game of night - less than a min to get game ID: c72dc38eca663a3f Distance: 492mi Ping 25ms My dreaded dedi, even with great ping still terrible game, loads of shoot first die first Temp banned it and worked pretty quickly 3rd Game of night - same as above settings This is where the ping started going crazy, got game after a couple of mins then; I tried to temp ban the Dedi but wouldn't do it, still playing the game, so to speak!! the Duma GUI got really slow to load pages etc. By time page refreshed I got different host as shown below. Reboot the router and start all over again.
  13. Guilders

    Home network setup

    Will do boss. Yeah they're all tech whizzes with this stuff!!!
  14. Guilders

    Temp Ban of Servers

    @Dan TBH I never actually noticed whether it was on a Dedi or P2P, but will have a look tonight if it happens. Ah, I see, so if I placed my home over a European Dedi, shrunk the filter down to cover only it, then by rights I should only connect to that area/server?? But if I have the ping at, say 50ms then it could end up connecting me to the dreaded southern Dedis because it falls within ping range.........Have I understood you right? lol