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  1. One of the biggest parts of the problem, imo, is that Destiny will match you to players outside of the geofilter through their servers. When strict works it works wonders. I had a streak and a half in competitive (solo) on Sat and it was a blast everything was crisp and perfect, no laggy players. I was working on another one on Sun - at some point in the afternoon something changed on their servers, or at least the one I was connecting to, and everything went to crap again, shots wouldn't register movement felt sluggish, laggy players, etc. Started getting booted with strict on, then suspended because of the beaver errors. So frustrating....yet I keep playing.
  2. Actually did happen once today after taking it off of strict mode: ID: 0936b17cd3a84348 Distance: 3937mi
  3. NEVERMIND - I had more than one browser instance open...Strict was ticked in the other one. My bad! ================================== Getting booted today by these servers ID: 93368c57d332575c Distance: 6082mi ID: 19346934d1b8454a Distance: 9245mi ID: 02348f5ad1a15358 Distance: 1308mi
  4. Ping assist was 0, but using strict worked for pve and quick play pvp. Important note for anyone doing this though, remember to untick strict before entering competitive matches, if you get booted from games it can result in a suspension...I know as it happened to me. May be back with another question later though, hit registration is suddenly abysmal. Going to reboot everything and go from there...
  5. I've been away for quite awhile and have moved from ps4 to pc. I am constantly connecting to overseas servers, even though Americas is selected in battlenet, which is making the game miserable. These two are the primary culprits today: ID: 1534f7c2d1b4454a Distance: 9310mi ID: 4236b07bd3e1484d Distance: 3782mi I am using auto cloud and bleeding edge - are these the best currently?
  6. As we are all painfully aware of this, is there a chance we could see new hardware from Netduma in the next year or two? I have to admit to being really torn right now, I would love to have the newer/faster netgear hardware but I don't want to miss out on the new features that will be coming out on the r1.
  7. As an r1 user I am frustrated to know that the DumaOS is available TODAY on different hardware but that we have to wait until April. That said from a business perspective I completely understand why you went this route, I really do. Congrats to you guys, you've earned it.
  8. willphule

    Destiny 2

    That last post may be my last contribution of ids for awhile. I am not enjoying D2 at all, and IB may be the last straw. If anybody has any suggestions for a good ps4 pvp game that a solo player can enjoy, and be competitive at, please let me know.
  9. willphule

    Destiny 2

    A couple of repeats that I've posted before, mostly new/variants. cf364712d36e4348 72340ad5d1115459 af34f8c3d14e5358 69ace3ae4908d4d9 4936d7a2d3e84348 ireland 9034935ed12f5459 af34f8c3d14e5358 4c36f8c3d3eb4348 ireland 5b34f2bdd1fa5358 02348f5ad1a15358 ed36a772d38c4348 ireland ed36541fd38c595e brazil
  10. willphule

    Destiny 2

    More 4334723dd1e25358 02348f5ad1a15358 6234dda8d1015459 62ac632e4901d4d9 72340ad5d1115459
  11. willphule

    Host Filtering For PUBG

    Yes you can choose a region, but a lot of people region jump so you can still end up playing against people on the opposite side of the planet - so in my mind plenty of reason for the geo-filter. Does a game having a region select make it impossible to implement the geo-filter?
  12. willphule

    Destiny 2

    More, and if any are duplicated from my earlier posts they are still causing problems. 02348f5ad1a15358 9e3628f3d33db5ba 8834f7c2d1271318 8334642fd1225358 8d34a974d12c5459 4c36f8c3d3eb4348 5b34f2bdd1fa5358
  13. willphule

    Destiny 2

    More: 4b365621d3ea4348 8d34a974d12c5459 aabd21ec5a491d22 brazil 9034935ed12f5459 5b34f2bdd1fa5358 72340ad5d1115459
  14. willphule

    Destiny 2

    My list, some may be duplicated upthread, I didn't check. All are West coast usa unless noted otherwise 64344d18d1035459 4334723dd1e25358 004ac18ce79f787d 5034c08bd1ef1d22 6c348b56d10b5459 c834eeb9d167161b 7a3624efd3194348 ireland 6c348b56d10b5459 af34f8c3d14e5358