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  1. SlingshotGamer

    Optimal Settings - South Africa

    Yeah if you have a Fibre connection then ping is AVG 150ms - 165ms but if you have ADSL or LTE then you looking at 190ms - 250ms, obviously ping is king for games but when i play locally i get around 12ms - 30ms on local connection and they are really good
  2. SlingshotGamer

    Optimal Settings - South Africa

    Since we only have one server for games like COD and BF1. It does become problematic or congested but i block them and play P2P and then gameplay is crisp. No disconnections. Our only problem in SA is that we do not have lots of servers for the bigger games like Overwatch or Fortnite. We will always connect to EU servers
  3. SlingshotGamer

    Optimal Settings - South Africa

    Hey WeesWolf I have been using Netduma for the past 3 years and really only works best for Local Servers in SA. I play COD and BF1 with local servers and you can feel the difference in connection With regards to OverWatch or Fortnite EU Servers, the only thing you can really do is eliminate the congestion / traffic on your line. The settings that you are running are currently the best settings. Shout if you need help
  4. SlingshotGamer

    Download WWll Early (Digital purchase only)

    Yip. All set and ready to go
  5. SlingshotGamer

    A7Legit Passed Away :(

    So sad. RIP A7. His videos and gameplays were so awesome and going to miss the dude
  6. SlingshotGamer

    bo3 hit detection

    BO3 has had the best hit detection for me. Compared to IW
  7. Quick question. When selecting the auto bandwidth option? i select it to auto select my bandwidth but it just pops up with a "warning" and okay button Anybody no why?