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  1. Questions for @Netduma Fraser. 1) Is there a real world difference btwn the quad 1.7 in the 700 vs the dual 1.7 in the 500? 2) Does bufferbloat only apply if you are maxing out your up or downlink? I ask since that's the only real reason I'd make a $500 purchase and since I have gigabit I'm not sure I need it if my understanding of bufferbloat is correct. One more question. Since I'm currently deciding btwn XR700 and Asus AX88U is there a further real world difference btwn quad 1.7 and quad 1.8? Thanks, Dan
  2. So, I gave it another go last night and a bit more today. As we discovered, the speeds were essentially the same between both routers. Though a small caveat is that my speed tests are significantly higher on console speed tests with the Asus. Not sure how much stock could be put into that though. However, when playing, something just feels off. For something more tangible, what I did notice when running the XR500 was that the playstation dashboard would lag quite severely and uncharacteristically. As an example, when clicking into notifications, it was like the whole system would seize up for 5 seconds or so before displaying the notifications. I replicated this about 5 times in a row. I switched back to the Asus, and that problem was gone. I'm honestly not sure what the problem is. It just seems like something is off. Side note - Is there a way to disable qos on the downstream but still have it on the upstream? In other words, leave the downstream untouched, but apply qos to the upstream. The reason I'm asking is I'm unsure if leaving the anti-BB slider at 100% truly means that it is untouched. Thanks!
  3. Hi Iain, 9pm EST works for me. Thanks!
  4. Hi Iain, I am happy to arrange a 1 on 1. I am Eastern Standard Time. Let me know if it is at all possible to schedule it for 7pm my time (I know this is late for you). Otherwise maybe sometime over the weekend? As I mentioned above, I'm fairly certain I've already tried using the values you stated, but for the sake of troubleshooting I'm more than welcome to try once more. Believe me when I tell you, I want to love this thing as the cool factor is off the charts. It may just take some tinkering. Thanks!
  5. I turned UPnP off and just port forwarded. By selecting manual ports, do you mean for traffic prioritization? Please elaborate.
  6. I have an Open NAT on Xbox and PS4 (it's the first thing I make sure of), and have tried everything you said to try simultaneously, except for disabling VPN. Is VPN enabled by default? I haven't even checked that setting as I assumed it would be disabled by default. Either way, when I get home I will adjust the settings to exactly what you put and see if the results are different. I'll report back to you tomorrow on whether it made a difference as I'm sure support hours will be over by the time I get home.
  7. I can do a speedtest via Ethernet thru my PC, but as I've stated, in my experience, the Xbox speed test (not playstations) returns the same or near the same result as the pc speedtest.net or dslreports results. As for your side note, I have a sick obsession with new tech, largely in the form of routers and audiophile headphones, both of which really put a dent in your wallet I haven't had many network issues since moving over to FiOS gigabit last summer, but before that, it was rough. I was more than content with the new Asus I purchased literally 2 weeks ago, but I saw the Netduma/Netgear collab and had to give it a go.
  8. I don't use the geofilter since I play gamebattles matches as opposed to matchmaking. All devices are most definitely behind the XR500. Setup goes as follows : FiOS Optical Network Terminal (modem essentially) - XR500 - PS4/XBOX via Ethernet. Just for more background, I've owned like 10 or more routers including the R1 and have my fair share of experience with them. As far as QoS settings, I'm good about setting a baseline while testing so I left everything default for the first test. From there I did just about every variation I could think of as I stated in my first post. Nothing changed the fact that my bandwidth was a third of what it had been. It also didn't change the fact that my gameplay for the past two months was great, and the first eight games I played with this router were rough to say the least. I'm currently at work, but will give it one more night of testing since nine games is a very small sample size compared to 2 months. As for the xbox bandwidth test being inaccurate, I believe you mean the playstation test which is notoriously inaccurate. The xbox test, at least in my experience, is a very good indicator of bandwidth, and is very consistent at that. Any insight as to how to get gig speeds would be appreciated. This is important because I don't even know what to set my bandwidth for QoS to, because I don't know if this router can handle that much throughput.
  9. Have gigabit fiber. Been playing WWII since launch competitively. Coming from an Asus RT86U where I had near full gigabit speeds up and down, as well as great gameplay. I decided to try out the XR500 because I was an early adopter of the R1 and know you guys make great firmware (not because my connection was struggling). So now that I've given some backstory, I setup the XR500 last night which was quick and easy. The first thing I noticed was the speedtest on Xbox (which is very consistent) was only coming back as 2xx over 2xx which is much slower than the 6xx over 6xx that I was getting with the Asus( and Linksys WRT32X and Netgear X4S before that). I went to dslreports on ps4 and got A+ across the board. So figuring the drop in bandwidth may simply be a result of the qos doing its thing, I hopped on WWII and grabbed a GB match. Long story short, I played 3 best of three series. Out of the three the connection was bad in all three and if not every map, then just about every map. And by bad, I mean it was unplayable. Luckily my teammates picked up the slack, and we won all three, but I was like no help whatsoever. It felt like packet loss, of the extreme variety. After getting off for the night, I decided to do some troubleshooting. After disabling auto bufferbloat, bringing sliders to 100%, disabling auto traffic prioritization, and even unticking share excess and setting flower for xbox to 90%, the bandwidth was still 2xx over 2xx. No matter what setting I tried, I couldn't get 300mbps, nevermind the 6-700 mbps I was getting with other routers. I don't know if the OS is taking up too much CPU, though I would think the 1.7GHz processor would safeguard against that. Please any ideas would be great. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to return. But I really want to give it a shot before I do so. Thanks!
  10. Please count me in as a tester. Would love to try this out!