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  1. Sgt-Greco

    Officially Giving up on this router :/

    Let's give devs a break. I understand they have tons of work to do, issues to address, different games with different settings both on consoles and pc, etc. I don't understand though, how beta tester failed to point out all these problems before release. Maybe the "inner circle" should become a little wider, providing continuous feedback before the release reaches the end user. Anyway guys, just some random thoughts....
  2. Sgt-Greco

    Black Ops 4 Dedicated Severs vs P2P...I'll take P2P

    Yes, it was fun. Although I snipe only and the game is not sniper friendly. BTW don't get fooled by bad ass youtube snipers. They cherry pick their uploads. Check their live streams instead. Disaster.
  3. Sgt-Greco

    Black Ops 4 Dedicated Severs vs P2P...I'll take P2P

    @Netduma Fraser I've also noticed that launching the game with the Geofilter on, covering a dedi-free area, it won't let you connect to the game servers at all. (1.03.6)
  4. Sgt-Greco

    Black Ops 4 Dedicated Severs vs P2P...I'll take P2P

    As far as I can remember, previous CODs would never allow p2p a month or so afrer launch. Fingers crossed the current status in which you can easily force p2p will remain unchanged.
  5. Sgt-Greco

    Cloud Update incoming?

    Why don't you update the cloud with everything that is confirmed as of now? Maybe we can help even more.
  6. Sgt-Greco

    Scheduled reboot

    I know a few things. How can I do that without a ssh access?
  7. Sgt-Greco

    Scheduled reboot

    Hi. Is it possible to add a crontab command for scheduled reboots? thanks
  8. In short: 1.03.6j wins, hands down. Using DUMA OS I've been trying all morning to connect to a European server. Whichever. No joy. I was getting this stupid "lobby not joinable" message. When I switched to spectating mode, the game kept putting me in a US "shoot first - die first" server. Totally unplayable. So I downgraded to 1.03.6j. and things were so much better. The server locations were accurate and I joined a game with the second attempt. I also had fair games. I'm an average player so I never expect to dominate any lobby. But I definitely know when a connection is fair and when isn't. So here are my two questions. - Why OS doesn't behave as 1.03.6j regarding matchmaking ? - Why so many mislocated servers since these servers are more or less the same (with a few exceptions) ? Don't get me wrong. DUMA OS has the best GUI I've ever seen and it has some awesome features and potential. But is it BO4 ready ? Maybe not yet. PS. sorry for my English
  9. Sgt-Greco

    Few findings, game is playing better xr500

    I rarely see any good throttling that hard. Maybe it works every now and then, but most of the times the game gets choppy without a good flow. Hits register a second later, rubberbanding and so on.
  10. thanx @pollutionblues. That sorted it out
  11. How do I get Geofilter and Ping-Auto Ping window to show in the Dashboard? If I'm not mistaken it used to be there before a factory reset, but now both of them are gone. In general is it possible to customize Dashboard's content? thanks.
  12. Sgt-Greco

    Getting put in multiple P2P lobbies

    I think it's the game. Too many players for the same amount of servers. BTW I've solved the Nat Type problem once and for all with this Hope that helps.
  13. Sgt-Greco

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    I'm afraid this will end the specualtion on the Greek server. Server location on the map: Greece Host Type: Peer (probably misclassified server) ID: 2d5f2df8fcccaeb3 Domain: (<- this is in the Netherlands) Ping: 70 ms Your location: Athens, GR (Sorry if this is a dumb question: is it possible that the maps shows a server you have been asigned to or likely to be put rather than it's actual location? I play in this server a lot)
  14. Sgt-Greco

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Nice thread. Before we get started allow me to share what I see while booting the game. Fraser, can you please explain the icons? - A triangle with a user icon , marked as 1 - A tringle with a server , marked as 2 - A circle with e server , marked as 3 - Something I've never seen before, marked as 4
  15. Sgt-Greco

    Black Ops 4 Support

    Nothing is shown in the map.