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  1. DeathrayJay

    Firmware released

    Is this update now being pushed automatically? I have been out of town and now it says I am running this version number and I have the “uncaught unmatched device “ error.
  2. I have my PS4 and my PS3 in GeoFilter. My autoping only seems to give me my PS4 connection even when I have it in spectating mode and the PS3 in filtering mode. Is there a way to enable autoping for one device when both devices are connected to game servers?
  3. Yes I have an r1 and having more information about my connection (especially while playing COD) was the initial reason for purchase. I initially was made aware of your product through a Driftor video and after lurking in your forums for a few months purchased my r1. Having had fiber now for about a year your new product seems like a win win for me (improved hardware and dumaos,don’t mind if I do). Your forum team is very helpful and I appreciate how hard you all work to give us the best possible experience. Keep up the good work!
  4. The final link worked perfectly. Thanks for your help. Also let me say you and your team are the reason I purchased the new router and I am excited to see your hard work in action.
  5. Seems like chrome is trying to launch(see a black background screen) and then browser gives up. “ Site can’t be reached took too long to respond...”
  6. The first link in part one doesn’t launch. Any other link I should try?
  7. The closest server to me(Louisville,KY) is the Atlanta dedi, usually ping between 12-18. However I noticed consistently poor gameplay during WW2 beta on this server. Felt as if I was being put at a disadvantage to me. I have a 1 gig fiber ATT line and show no packet loss on PingPlotter so I think my line is pretty solid. I had some good games on the Florida dedi but also more lobbies with S. American and Caribbean players with 100ms+ pings so pretty inconsistent experience. My best game were on the Kansas City(Midwest) dedi's even though my ping ranged from 25-35. I never was able to connect to the Illinois dedi during the beta but I remember back on AW I had consistent games on that server ( but that was before I had fiber so not sure what to expect). Hopefully we will all have a better experience after launch.
  8. DeathrayJay

    Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

    Can confirm one from Mr Papacherry's list is off ID 902d6b36ca2f3a3f shows Seattle area on map and reads 3475km away 14ms Louisville,KY,USA
  9. Thanks Fraser! I will set it up like I had it before then. I suppose I could toggle super turbo off when I am gaming, this would allow me to use the new anti-jitter and also to set my sliders to avoid buffer bloat.
  10. Firstly, thanks to everyone on the forum for your previous posts, I have been able to upgrade firmware and tweak settings w/out any issues thanks to reading your posts and guides! Q? I am thinking of changing my setup to ISP<Duma<PS4 after my upgrade. If I understand correctly, enabling Super Turbo mode will disable my AntiFlood and other congestion controls anyway so there is no need to go Duma<ISP<PS4 anymore. However, I am not sure if this setup will affect the upcoming anti jitter settings as I don't understand how such things work. Any guidance or experience you could share would be greatly appreciated.