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  1. Agree. For once, a sliding mechanism that makes sense. To slide down quickly and get out of harm's way or to escape the ring. Better than what any of the current COD developers does. Nice to have the old original MW2 devs make such a great game as Apex Legends.
  2. AsNCo

    Apex Legends

    Thanks Pharm. Btw, how do you guys get to see the servers on PC? I don't have much options to choose from. Even when I choose Battlefield (cos EA servers), I still can't see any servers appear when I play Apex Legends. Just because there are Singapore servers, I do not know why I get rubber banding at times. Feels like not a Singapore server. Hmm...
  3. It's been 2 months since I asked about my issue and on Sept 14, you said you had a fix that is working stable. Yet I didn't expect 2 months later, and I am still not getting the fix. 😂 I thought the purpose of R-Apps is so that individual apps can be updated without waiting for an entire firmware update. The wait continues... At least one good thing out of the wait is once the fix is out, all my woes are over. 😁
  4. Would appreciate if I could receive that Device Manager as soon as possible. It is so much harder to control some devices since if I block one, the Mesh extender will let the same device connect again to my network because of that MAC address issue the extender makes. Can't wait!
  5. Last time, when I was having speed issues, what was advisable was for me to back up my router settings/profiles. And then do a factory reset. There were a few times when that solved the issue. I then also back up the 'Factory Reset' settings/profile and then try to restore the old settings and see if the problem still occurs. If it does, you can either see through all the differences in the settings between the old and new one and see what might be the culprit. Or since the factory reset one fixes the issue, you can just start re-entering the old values back into the new factory reset profile. The problem happened to me when I never even meddled with my router settings for months and out of nowhere, it seems to be affected. A simple factory reset sometimes fixes these issues. Who knows. It might help for you too.
  6. AsNCo

    Best Mesh Extender Add-On for the XR500

    Ok. I need to correct myself a bit. Even though NG recommends you using Band 3 for its backend, I find I get better overall speeds when I use Band 2 as its backend instead. 866Mbps is a theoretical speed. Not something you can achieve in real life. For example, my best case scenario on the Note 8 standing beside the XR500 is 321Mbps down and 215Mbps up. And this is with the 5GHz network set to 1733Mbps max. You know what I mean since you also use the XR500. I am getting my full 944Mbps down and up when running wired to my PC fyi. Impressively though, the Mesh managed to maintain a very close speed when I am standing next to the X6S with 300Mbps down and 189Mbps up. When I use 1733Mbps band as its backend, and 866Mbps band for broadcasting on the X6S, I end up with 248Mbps down and 147Mbps up. So my config now is to set the XR500's 5GHz band to channel 40 at 1733Mbps and the X6S in Entender mode (Mesh) with Band 2 (866Mbps 5GHz network) for its backend and 1733Mbps at 5GHz (channel 149) as its broadcast to get the better speed for all my wireless devices including home automation to connect to. But since you already bought the X4S, nothing wrong for your purchase. It's still a great WiFi extender especially since it can convert our gaming routers into a Mesh network too. Glad that you enjoy yours as I did mine.
  7. AsNCo

    XR700 vs XR500

    I see. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. AsNCo

    XR700 vs XR500

    Hi. I hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread. I am curious to know as to what devices will be able to connect to the 60GHz WiFi Network on the XR700. Must the receiving device such as our phones be capable of that network in order to connect to it? Then does that mean the 60Ghz network is incompatible with a majority of the devices out there?
  9. AsNCo

    Best Mesh Extender Add-On for the XR500

    Hey TheDude2850. Saw your posting in regards to which is a better Mesh Extender for the XR500 on my thread. Thought I could give you some advice on it. The reason why I went with the EX8000 (X6S) is for future-proofing. When you see 'Band 3 having 1733Mbps @5GHz', most likely, if your router is capable of it, the X6S will use that band for its backend connection to the router. To be able to achieve that, you must use a 5GHz band channel at 149 or higher on the router side. Automatically, when you configure the X6S, that will be your backend speed and it will then broadcast using Band 2 instead which theoretically should give you higher speeds as you are closer to the Wifi Extender than it is to the router. So your speeds should not be affected as much as when you have Band 2 speeds as your backend. This is why I bought the X6S instead of the EX7500 (X4S) or the EX7700 (X6). As both the X4S and the X6 has its Band 3 speeds set to 866Mbps for 5GHz effectively giving you half the speeds for both the backend connection as well as the Wifi signalling. Hope it helps explain my reasoning for choosing the X6S over the other models.
  10. It's been 1 month since my last post. The number of unnamed devices has increased quite a lot. I didn't expect getting the fix my way will take this long. 😅 Still patiently waiting. At least it is not a game breaking bug. That's a relief.
  11. Wow! That is super fast. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the update once it has been approved from both sides for us to get. Much appreciated for rectifying the issue as fast as you can.
  12. Wow! This is great news! And the fast response to get a solution to this issue is much appreciated. As much as I appreciate a Table View, will this still pose a problem for the QoS's Bandwidth allocation where now ever device gets even less allocation as the number of device increases?
  13. Thanks. Take note, I've deleted and tried to rename some duplicates. So it will look slightly less cluttered now. But will these duplicates affect the quality of the connection on QoS if it is set to Always right due to each getting even lesser bandwidth as more devices connect? Here's the result for what my Phone will usually be set to. It has a reserved IP address for it. And the same IP address will be used once it switches to the X6S node. When connected to XR500 When connected to X6S In reference, here's the X6S on 5GHz network's MAC address. Notice the first 6 alphanumerics that look the same as the unnamed device version of my phone.
  14. It seems like any Wireless devices that connect through the X6S will have the first 6 MAC addresses be exactly the same as the MAC address for the 5GHz network of the X6S. For illustration, X6S 5GHz MAC address: 02:0F:B5:**:**:**. Now, any devices that are connected through the X6S Mesh network will have its first 6 MAC address changed to "02:0F:B5:" followed by their last 6 original MAC address when seen in the Device Manager of the XR500 causing a LOT of new 'unnamed device' appearing (even after I deleted them in the Device Manager) since they are still the same device just on a different node (X6S). As the devices move throughout the house and if they have a fixed IP address that I have allocated through LAN settings, they will cause new unnamed device to pop up in the device manager though still maintaining the same IP address. So now I have 2 copies of each wireless device in my device manager with 1 having their original names and the other having unnamed device as their name with only the last 6 MAC address being the same. Sorry if I seem to be repeating. This is so confusing and there seems to be no way of solving this unless a fix is made for this issue.
  15. Hi. As stated in the title, I have now added this Wifi Extender with Mesh functionality to my home and the connection between the XR500 and the X6S works perfectly. The best speed I could get furthest in my house was 44.2Mbps down and 49.8Mbps up while with the X6S, it is now 223Mbps down and 165Mbps up. With the X6S, my phone does roam in the same network between the XR500 and the X6S seamlessly as seen in the Netgear Wifi Analytics app. However, the issue that I encounter now is a number of "unnamed device" appearing in my Device Manager on the XR500. They appear to have the same IP address that I have already reserved for specific devices under Lan Settings but they now have different MAC addresses and some of these devices are not even in use but is now taking up the reserved IP address slots. The Device Manager is now a mess full of Unnamed Devices taking up the slots. Any solution would be appreciated.