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  1. followed the guide, makes absolutely no difference, i have to cycle the power of the netduma to bring it back to life.
  2. i'm an engineer for Openreach, i deal with issues like this day in and out, locations of routers being in crazy places and the things which can effect them. I only write that because i literally have tried everything that i can think of, resets, using the BTHub as well as just the vdsl openreach modem, its the netduma thats causing this problem, Ive commented on anther post where someone is having an identical issue.
  3. willfalc

    Wifi Issues

    i am having the same issue here and ive tried everything noted above..
  4. Someone please help, my duma is becoming unusable as of late, console and PC are both wired which works but the wifi... god give me strength, its appalling, absolutely appalling. I am having to constantly turn of the power to reboot it so that there's a connection again to the world wide web and its driving me insane!! when i first got the netduma i had an issue where my iphone would just loose the connection to the router and use my mobile network data, that was fixed after posting on here and i was told to uncheck the wifi workaround box. which i did and that fixed the issue but in the last while my devices are showing they have a connection but nothing works until i reboot the duma and then give it 30mins to an hour (sometimes less) and low and behold its stopped working again.. i am on the latest firmware, i have checked and unchecked the wifi workaround box and nothing is solving this problem. Ive got a network scanning tool and im on a wireless channel all by myself which shouldnt be surprising given there are only 4 houses next to mine. i have 80/20 connection and it runs at that. i need this to work, i have a security camera which i log into and the camera is wifi..... its not much good when my wifi doesnt work.