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  1. kinel

    Tera ps4

    Yeh i have done that as well but still no joy There was 2 ports listed 9306 and 9308 Thanks again
  2. I just wanted to ask if any one on here has played this game on xboxone As i would like to know if the servers appear on the geo filter map So we can tell what are ping to the servers are As im thinking of buying this game on ps4 on may 8th when its released But i dont wanna buy another game that dosnt appeaer on the geofilter map All advice welcomed
  3. kinel

    Tera ps4

    Thank you for the great idea admin I put in ports 10001 udp an tcp but it didnt work So i tried port 7801 tcp and udp as this is the ports ps4 uses But again still didnt work But thank you as it was a GREAT idea
  4. Connan exiles is getting released on ps4 may 8th I would like to know if this game will be supported Atm its out on pc\ xbox1
  5. kinel

    Tera ps4

    I did this many times at least once a week after every tuesdays i normaly do this but it still dosent show i try to update cloud daily if i can As you update on tuesdays
  6. kinel

    Tera ps4

    But all i want to do is to be able to see what server i am connected to so i can tell if what server has the lowest ping ATM idont know what server has the lowest ping Asthey dont appear on geo filter Thees 5 or six servers to pick from when creating a character to play none of these 5 or 6 servers appear on geo filter So i cant see my ping to there servers
  7. kinel

    Tera ps4

    No it dosent appear on map As far as i know theres no way to see your ping in game setting This is on the ps4 Cheers for the reply
  8. kinel

    Tera ps4

    But i would love to be able to see where the servers are located As there is a total of 6 servers As i wanna play on the server with the lowest ping Making 6 characters for eatch server is to mutch of a grind. when you dont know where there located or your ping to them Cheers for the reply
  9. kinel

    Tera ps4

    Tera on the ps4 has just launched Will this game be supported Atm theres about 7 servers you can pick from 2 are pvp servers the rest are pve Ive logged into the servers but they dont apear on the geo filter map Btw i played the beta the servers never appeared on geo filter map untill you reached level 20 At level 20 you unluck battle grounds pvp In battlegrounds it shows the servers When i played the pings were around 80 ms terrible
  10. Great video Very helpful 8ms ping but did you guys see the pcket loss 72.49% And everyone says packet loss is bad But for dominican 3niz his gameplays are brilliant What does your netduma ping say your ping is when you connect to that dedi Cheers
  11. kinel


    My ps4 web browser
  12. kinel


    Ive been expirementing with buffer bloat tese for a longlong time But i found out somthing intresting last night watching simjc74 youtuber live stream When testing for bufferbloat you want to get an A+ we all know this .._ but you also want at least A on quality as well Any thing less than an A means your losing packets acording to simjc74 So today ive had a big big change in gameplay I was playing on my ps4 i had an A+ for both bufferbloat and quality the hit detection was ok But what i noticd when i was in a game or pre game lobby or party my buffer bloat went down to a C or less So on my ps4 browser i tweaked a few settings so i had an A+for both whilst in game Omg it was the best gameplays ive ever had it was hard to die i just ran around got an esay 10 kill streak easiest ive ever i got Btw i was using reactive
  13. kinel


    Thanks for all the help
  14. kinel


    I just wanted to find out these two answer to these 2 questions? 1 i am using fttc talktalk fiber large . on the test page of dslreports.Com should i select eithere Gigabit/fiber or dsl my modem is a vdsl 2 after i do a test i click on show results._ it shows these 3 boxes in a grapth 1 says idle the 2nd says download the 3rd say upload What does the idle option mean