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  1. Omg Please post your settings you use for the netdumar1 Your upload and down load your ping to your sever also do you know what mtu you use Also what isp your with thanks
  2. kinel

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

  3. kinel

    About upnp

    Ive had my dumar1 router for about 3 years now and this is the first time i have seen this I loaded up cod bo4 and looked at the upnp list in settings It has always shown port 9306- 9308 udp range also 3074 udp But yesterday it was listing these ports big list coming All udp 3115 , 3086 ,3079 , 3165 , 3147 , 3093 , 3098, 3076 , 3087. 3135 all these ports was showing as demonware ports What was happing every time i was starting up the game 2 more ports would show up on my udnp list This has never happend before my router then crashed so i had to turn it off by the power and all of those ports i listed disapeared and i cannot get them back The ony 2 that apear now are 9308 and 3074 udp these have always apeared What do i need to do too get the ports to show on the udnp list
  4. kinel

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

    Could you post your netdumar1 settings pleas also whats your upload and downloads speeds are Thanks
  5. kinel

    Bo4 please please

    I am still using the old firmware and for me this cod has been the worst so far , i neary started back up smoking today out of frustrtion wth this game, So please please can the next wave of people beta testing the firmware go out soon lol Hopefully i will soon be a beta tester too
  6. Sure i will wait for official link
  7. Please can i sign up to the beta test Am i the wright place to get signed up as i was in the wrong place before
  8. Thank you fraser I though i signed up for new firmware yesterday but i didnt but i have just now signed up i hope And sombody has already sent me a pm 8 hrs ago with a link to the file i dont know if its from an admin i dont know if i should download it please tell me what i should do
  9. I havent been on the forums for months so i wanted to find these things out Does the new firmware have these things Mtu settings Hyper traffic as i used this the most Network monitor Also i read some where theres No reactive or preemptive algorithm i used to use reactive mostly what algorithm would the new firmware be using be closest to out of the two
  10. Can i please beta test the new firware Sorry i havent been on these forums for months So if ive put this reply in the wrong section im sorry
  11. kinel

    Tera ps4

    Yeh i have done that as well but still no joy There was 2 ports listed 9306 and 9308 Thanks again
  12. I just wanted to ask if any one on here has played this game on xboxone As i would like to know if the servers appear on the geo filter map So we can tell what are ping to the servers are As im thinking of buying this game on ps4 on may 8th when its released But i dont wanna buy another game that dosnt appeaer on the geofilter map All advice welcomed
  13. kinel

    Tera ps4

    Thank you for the great idea admin I put in ports 10001 udp an tcp but it didnt work So i tried port 7801 tcp and udp as this is the ports ps4 uses But again still didnt work But thank you as it was a GREAT idea
  14. Connan exiles is getting released on ps4 may 8th I would like to know if this game will be supported Atm its out on pc\ xbox1
  15. kinel

    Tera ps4

    I did this many times at least once a week after every tuesdays i normaly do this but it still dosent show i try to update cloud daily if i can As you update on tuesdays