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  1. I'll need to check the port forwarding. A quick google suggests my ISP blocks 25, or at least used to. That's all i could find. Will the management port be listing on the LAN, can i confirm its listening?
  2. The router is on, it is behind a modem not another router and the modem does not have upnp. Cheers.
  3. Is there any update on this?
  4. The router is connected to a modem as per the last post, and yes remote access is enabled. Can you PM me what port and IP you're connecting to, i'm assuming its a non standard port? Confirm you're using the IP address from the original post, also made the assumption you're logging the IP of the poster, and not the last couple of posts where i'm at work.
  5. The router is connected to the modem 24/7.
  6. The router constantly disconnects and none of the features on it work, it is a pain in the butt in the butt to use so i usually use something else. I hooked it up and left it on overnight for you and i'll do that again tonight. Thanks
  7. The router has been off, its got too many issues to use it. I'll connect it back up when i'm at home this afternoon.
  8. I have the old firmware, hook me up cos this thing is basically a door stop.