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  1. PUBzZz

    is it me or is it more peer to peer now?

    Some peers maybe mislabeled but majority are actually peer 2 peer. Host migration city the last two nights. I got in some pretty wild lobbies last night connection wise. Duma is running great so I can't fault the Duma. Treyarch on the other hand is up to something.
  2. PUBzZz

    Todays Patch

    I have to keep rebooting BO4 2 or 3 times before I find any games. Hopefully the Dev team can figure this out. Thanks
  3. Moderate nat is back. BO4 is so sensitive lol
  4. After I upgraded to the 1.3 milestone last night I had an open nat on BO4. We shall see what happens today.
  5. PUBzZz

    downgraded back to R1 firmware

    David I had my ping assist set to 20ms because I live in NY and the NY/NJ dedi is about 10-12ms for me. Kept the Geo Filter small about 250 miles. Fast search off. I had to reboot BO4 3 times before I ever found a game. The first few games I searched and played all put me on the Texas dedi which was about 45-50ms ping. So decided to try Fast Search ON. Rebooted BO4 again and from there all the games I got were on the NY/NJ dedi. Clearly there is something network information wise that gets lost during the boot up/loading of BO4.
  6. PUBzZz

    Geo Filter & BO4

    Load up the game. The game intro crap plays. When it stops it puts you at the main BO4 screen. Don't press anything yet. Wait till the Geo Filter map is populated. Then press the button to enter. It will say "Connecting to network". Now you will be in the menu's and should have less of a problem.
  7. Lets assume you didn't even read my post.
  8. Even with console having an open nat I do think BO4 having a moderate nat is effecting match making. The few times I've manged to get BO4 to have an open nat I found games faster and pretty much kept me on the closest dedi. With that moderate nat more often than not I have to load BO4, quit BO4, load BO4 again just to get BO4 to find some games. It's like a 5 minute process. Then if I leave that lobby at any point I have to repeat that entire process.
  9. If you can get the "BO4" to actually say "Open Nat" in the settings I find it much easier to find games and get better quality games. However even with port forwarding it's so hit and miss for me with the gaming saying "Open nat". It's almost like the Open nat in game doesn't hold. What ports did you end up forwarding? Anything outside the normal?
  10. PUBzZz

    DumaOS issues

    Ok so anyone who signed up for the beta will get an email when ping assist is ready? If so I can stop checking the forums 50 times a day. lol
  11. Yeah no problems here with the DumaOS. Then again I live in NYC so I'm close to a server.
  12. Looking forward to this.
  13. PUBzZz

    High Ping Dedi Servers

    I think once the cloud is updated it will fix a lot of this. I live in NY and have this same issue. It started on Wednesday and continued on Thursday. Living in NYC I put my filter right on the NJ/NY Server. Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues that was all I connected to. 10-11ms games all the time. Wednesday it went to 70-80ms. Cali and Western Canada players. It's showing on the map as the NJ/NY server location but it's all west coast servers. Thursday night I got a mix of the actual NJ/NY server and west coast servers. Not saying it's all bad on those 70-80ms lobbies because when they give you that lag compensation edge watch out God mode enabled.
  14. Give it a few more days man. The game is new and the server locations are all messed up. I'm in NYC and my normal dedi is the NJ/NY server. Yet the past 2 days I haven't gotten that server once. The map shows that I"m on that dedi but I'm actually connecting to Cali servers which are 70-80ms pings.
  15. PUBzZz

    DumaOS on the Netduma R1 is now in Open Beta!

    I'm not trying to tell anyone how they should feel. However I signed up within the first 30 minutes of the sign up going live and it took me 3 days to get my link. Sure during those 3 days I was wondering what the hell is taking so long. Listen, trust me when I say this. Once you get the DumaOS on the R1 you will be happy you waited. Also my personal advice. Once you update to DumaOS and it's up and running do a Factory Reset. Then put in all your settings. Some settings don't carry over well when you upgrade to the DumaOS and you will get errors when you try to edit or delete stuff.