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  1. If that is true. It might be best to release it the week before BO4 comes out. Lets get everyone upgraded and any issues that come up resolved so people aren't on here complaining their duma is screwed up and they can't even play BO4. Cause you know the headaches that's gonna cause on the forums.
  2. Is it possible to get another update from the team on where it's at testing wise. It's been 2 weeks so just a quick heads up will go a long way with R1 community. Thanks
  3. PUBzZz

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Time for an update do you think
  4. PUBzZz

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I'll try back in 2021 to see if the DumaOs is ready for us R1 users.
  5. PUBzZz

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Typical Netduma move.
  6. PUBzZz

    WW2 Xbox connection interrupted

    I took the Duma out of my network hooked up my netgear and still having this issue. Something in the update has screwed me with ww2. No other game is giving me any issue.
  7. PUBzZz

    WW2 Xbox connection interrupted

    Yeah since this last patch I get disconnected from every game. First it start in Rank play. At the end of every match I got kicked to the point they put me in time out twice. First 10mins then 15 mins. Then yesterday I only played pubs and I was getting lost connection to host within the first minute or so of every game I played. I hard rebooted the xbox, rebooted the duma nothing solved it. They did something for sure. Also I'm not even using the Geo filter. I'm only using congestion control so it's not like I'm restricting anything.
  8. PUBzZz

    WW2 strict mode

    Only thing the duma can help you with on WW2 is congestion control. The Geo filter isn't going to work correctly with this game. I get much better results with geo filter off. Low ping for me seems like the kiss of death in this game.
  9. PUBzZz

    DUMA OS update

    Yes, one of healthy discussion about the actual issue and how to fix the communication issue that is the root of the problems. Just maybe it can be the last.
  10. The problem with all the DUMA OS delays is the lack of info. Plain and simple it's a communication issue. Maybe a weekly update on the forum in a locked thread where only the admin/poster updates it. Even if the info is 50% lies still make the effort to keep people informed in a timely (weekly) professional manner. Keep people in the loop. Let them know "hey we hear you, we're working on it and here's where we are at blah blah blah". Don't make promises you can't keep. Don't throw ETA's out there that will do more harm than good. Don't push people to twitter when you have an official forum for the a product. We bought a product and shouldn't have to follow a personal account of the developer for info. If you want to use the official duma account with a link to the Duma OS update thread that would be optimal. We all bought the Duma. We all want the best out of our duma's. Discussion is healthy. The fact that a handful of Duma Fanboys insult people, derail threads of others asking legitimate questions is an issue. Anyone who brings an issue to light seems to be attacked by the fanboys. Then the back and forth bickering breaks out until the thread is closed. All that does is make people not want to post here. People who feel discouraged, shouted down, ignored are more likely to tell others don't buy a duma because of these such things.
  11. PUBzZz

    A7Legit Passed Away :(

    Sad to hear. He was a good guy. Anytime I reached out to him with a question he was always helpful with an answer.
  12. PUBzZz

    DumaOS - Development Update

    Each day is one day closer....
  13. Anyone know what "auto speed setup" actually does and how it functions? Is it still based off the numbers I input or is it doing a speed test and taking a look at the actual speeds I'm getting from my ISP at that moment in time?