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  1. Manucod

    ww2 Strong lag comp

    they just need to use dedis only like bf1 and give ppl the possibility to buy dedis also show ppls real ping not bars. that way you can call out those who lag
  2. i have good and bad games some on dedi some pvp but nat also stuck at moderate...
  3. Manucod

    Tor gateway

    It wasn't to run and go sell ak's on the tor network ^^ but it is a cool feature which if not time consuming imo should be added to the duma for more value. I know this is not something that "Gamers" need but from a privacy standpoint it would be something that is nice to have =)
  4. Manucod

    Tor gateway

    I would like to ask/request a feature. Is it possible to add Tor to the Router? If possible a Feature like the one for the vpn's where all the traffic is going over tor as soon as you switch it on in the router menu . literally all the traffic that goes thru the netduma. regards Manu