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  1. Beta firmware seems to be running fine. Will keep an eye on it
  2. Hi I'm getting random disconnects constantly now even after erasing my settings if there is a new firmware I wouldn't mind testing it
  3. Myst1caL


    Would be a good addition
  4. Myst1caL

    Bleeding Edge Features XR500 ?

    Hi I read previously that when the R1 receives DumaOS the device will receive some features first like new experimental features as for XR500 this is decided by Netgear. My question is will the XR500 have a debug mode or experimental firmware so those users can test these features also ? Don't want to upgrade to get less in the long run
  5. Myst1caL

    Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc

    Can we perma ban the irish server on the R1 instead of temp ban ?
  6. Myst1caL

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Pretty sure I read Iain saying a while ago the R1 version has went through so many revisions that it's been tested more than previous firmwares to make sure it's stable This was some point last year I think so the thing must be rock solid now.
  7. Myst1caL


    Unfortunately this requires the router to have a special option called "DHCP client option 61" and the R1 doesn't have this option. Not sure if DumaOS will have the option on the R1 but as is you would need to use the original sky router with the R1
  8. Myst1caL

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    Seems this has been updated, now says coming soon
  9. Myst1caL

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    I honestly think the best thing Netduma can do is keep everyone updated each week with progress even if its a "Progress is going well" post people would appreciate it more than being in the dark.
  10. Myst1caL


    The only reason I'm replying is even with EU selected in the games options my ping on the new ingame netstats hub on ps4 is showing 180ms to the server. I tried to set the geofilter to see if this was true or a bug or if its bypassing the EU server altogether but it was showing servers as US East on the geofilter when I start the game so I collected the locations to help with adding to the cloud 59120dd8aff8bfc4, 40ms, UK b223efbac051adb2, 30ms, UK Could be just a bug ingame but I included the server locations just incase this issue continues to help with cloud updates.
  11. Myst1caL

    DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

    Nice work guys can't wait to try it Got a question tho.. Will the Antiflood be required if Antispike is in the firmware. Just kinda confused by this Anyway good stuff
  12. Myst1caL

    New Destiny 2 Servers

    We've invested heavily in new server infrastructure for Destiny 2, including using cloud servers for gameplay for the first time. This is the part I'm curious about the cloud servers. Be interesting to see how this all comes together.
  13. Myst1caL

    Why did you purchase the Netduma router?

    I've not had the best success with the geo-filter. not the filters fault it keeps games local but I honestly think most of the connections in the UK (where I'm from) are trash I get more lag from uk players than USA folks there is so many people with 800+ ping again this is due to potato connections on the other players side. The other main feature I needed it for was congestion control I've been going from router to router since netflix / iphones became a must for the family wen't from belkin to netgear to asus and the all failed me. honestly the netduma is the only router with a qos system that has worked for me
  14. Myst1caL

    Cloud - Incorrect Server Locations

    ID: 7d9f501b3c1c9499 Ping: 23ms Distance: 6899km My Location: UK Game: Fifa 17