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  1. wintercabin

    Netduma Destiny 2 optimal settings

    So the update you posted on your Facebook page - "CoD WWII & Destiny 2 Cloud Optimisations are live! Auto & Bleeding Edge Cloud must be ticked & applied in Settings > Miscellaneous. Please note it may take up to 4 hours to take effect. Happy Gaming!" Are both of those options ticked for D2 as well??
  2. wintercabin

    Netduma Destiny 2 optimal settings

    So I have been using the cloud update settings listed on this thread. I have never been booted from a single game. Although I really haven't noticed a difference using it with Geo filter off. With it on, does peer ping need to be on? Does auto ping host need to be on as well?? What is a good ping assist to have on??
  3. dumb question but did you do the upgrade for me? Or do I need to proceed with the upgrade myself?
  4. wintercabin

    Star Wars Battlefront II Beta

    Cool I appreciate the quick response.
  5. I know today is the 1st day of the beta but it will be opened up to all platforms 10/6. I see that Battlefield is partially supported so I assume this is about the same. Can anyone provide the optimal setting for this (if any). Or am I jumping the gun?? -Rich
  6. I am on R1 debug version 1.03.4 running on rb-951g-2hnd . What are my next steps??
  7. wintercabin

    Netduma Destiny 2 optimal settings

    Bumping this thread. I am plugging my Duma back in now that things with D2 have calmed down a little. Is this Cloud update already implemented? Or do I need to do something specific?