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  1. zqa20

    Bt vs sky broadband

    Bt has decided to bump up their prices giving me a 30 day window to leave my contract without incurring any fees. BT are offering their fastest broadband package, line rental and unlimited any time calls for £54 Sky have offered their fastest broadband package, line rental and unlimited any time calls for £38 What are your guys experience with BT and sky broadband? I've always been with BT and not had any issues but is the extra £18 per month worth it?
  2. I've sent a message over twitter it's probably faster if we chat on there
  3. ALL devices connected either wired or wireless disconnect. If it was just the internet going down this wouldn't explain why i can't access the netduma interface. If i was to disconnect the netduma from my bt hub and keep the netduma connected to my PC i'd still be able to access the netduma interface Also I'm not saying it's rebooting I'm saying when the duma crashes I have ti reboot it by pulling the power from it.
  4. https://gyazo.com/92666edcf94db84569024fe07a722761 So this issue has started to occur today. Every hour or 2 my netduma will crash meaning every device that's connected to the netduma will lose connection to the internet and also as shown above i can't even connect to the netduma interface. All the lights on the device continue to flash and my BT hub is not having ANY issues what so ever and if i keep my wireless deviced connected to the bt hub they NEVER disconnect to the internet. The only solution to this problem so far is pulling the power from the netduma and rebooting it. Also I've made NO changes to this device in many many months and I'm pretty sure it's on the latest software update with the "g" at the end (I'm using my bt hub at the moment as my netduma is crashing a lot. I've tried a taking the power out of it for around 10 mins then plugging it back in and still the issue persists
  5. Is anybody else getting this issue with a duma? i keep getting disconnected from the server after every map on ps4. I don't even have the ps4 enabled on my duma.
  6. closing app (bo3) didn't help, but after doing a full shutdown of the console and turning it back it it worked . Thanks
  7. Black ops 3 https://gyazo.com/5a79ce96896bc8e30eaebb1efec197f2 https://gyazo.com/3daf07324948f1a1973d1c18d7a60180
  8. So me and my other EU bud play with an american and NA lobbies seem much easier compared to EU lobbies (no offence). I was wondering if there's a way using the netduma to get into NA lobbies when i host. I've set my home to USA and ticked strict mode but it still puts me in EU lobbies.