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  1. Belloni

    NAT type

    My PS4 is Nat Type 2 and CoD is Moderate... do I delete all port forwarding rules on netduma and sky router?
  2. Belloni

    NAT type

    This is in CoD itself when checking the network. Will try that tonight and let you know, thanks.
  3. Belloni

    NAT type

    Trying to get open NAT type but it doesn't seem to be working. I've opened all ports required on both routers, even put my sky router to put PS4 into DMZ mode. I have UpNp turned on for both Netduma and my sky router, is it worth turning either off?
  4. Belloni

    Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc

    Any idea please?
  5. Belloni

    Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc

    Hi Jack, yes I am. My settings are my location in UK - range set to 471KM, ping assist to 0ms, updated cloud settings. Like I say, when I play on my own, it's perfect. Then grouped, it will find a server and throw them into a game but then I'm just stuck at loading screen.
  6. Belloni

    Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc

    This works fine when I'm playing on my own, but when a friend joins party and we try a game, it freezes for me on the loading screen but they enter the game fine?
  7. I have alot of items connected which I want to clean out but when I press delete nothing happens? And also it says some devices are active but they are not, but I can't delete them either, any ideas how to remove? e.g someones phone but I can't "disconnect" it as they aren't here...
  8. Mine has been upgrading for the past 5 minutes :s