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  1. TryHardUndies

    Internet Diagnosis

    Hi Gents, I’d like to request the return of a feature on the OG R1, Internet Diagnosis. I’ve always found this to be a great feature & used to run it before every gaming session. Could this be introduced in a future DumaOS milestone, but perhaps even better than before? Thanks
  2. TryHardUndies

    Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3

    It’s been brilliant testing this version, ping assist is back! Seeing the tick rate of the server I’m connected to is a fantastic new feature, especially with all the controversy at the moment surrounding the BO4 server tick rate downgrade.
  3. TryHardUndies

    BO4 Changes...

    Make the dog easier to kill, for the love of God that thing is ridiculous!
  4. TryHardUndies

    How are you finding DumaOS on the R1?

    Awesome, thanks for asking 😁
  5. It’s in final beta testing, no confirmed release date but they’re aiming for before BO4.
  6. Click on the home icon (to the left of the zoom icon) & select your correct home location on the map.
  7. TryHardUndies

    WWII: Easy 72 Kill Streak

  8. Currently there's no Ping Assist feature in this version of DumaOS that we're beta testing. There are 2 ways around that issue though, either place the dedicated server in question on your allow list or move your home location next to it.
  9. You can set upload / download bandwidth limits for individual devices on the QoS tab:
  10. I’m currently beta testing DumaOS on the R1, I was also privileged to be involved in the XR500 & XR700 testing phases. DumaOS is beautiful & a fantastic piece of software that will enhance your gaming experience. DumaOS performs on the R1 as well as it does on the more powerful Netgear routers. Congratulations to the Netduma team, you should be proud of what you’ve achieved. Now’s the time to look forward to the imminent release, don't dwell on the past, it's been a long wait but it will be worth it, especially as it’s FREE!
  11. TryHardUndies

    Psn cant connect

    If you are using a BT Homehub you don't need to use PPoE. Do a full Netduma factory reset. Connect your Netduma to the HH, log into your HH, disable WIFI & firewall & place your Netduma IP address into the DMZ. Connect all WIFI devices to the Netduma. On you Netduma enter your upload & download speeds into Congestion Control & do auto set-up. Ensure cookies are enable in Misc settings. When doing a speed test ensure CC sliders are at 100% for download & upload & give 100% device prioritisation to the device you are performing the speed test on. Connect your PS4 wired & go into the PS Network settings, do new wired auto set-up. Don't use Playstation for speed tests, the readings are very inaccurate.
  12. TryHardUndies

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    "Clealry your dumb as the come" That says it all, enough said.
  13. TryHardUndies

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    LMAO at zealot, but whatever. Dude asked a stupid question which got the answer it deserved. I'm not going to slam you as a crybaby either, you're entitled to your opinion, everyone is. However some people are reacting as though their lives depended on it, they need to get a grip, it's a piece of router software. My take on the delay is that once DumaOS was announced at some point afterwards they were approached by Netgear, that would have massive business opportunity for Netduma, too good to walk away from. After all Netduma is a business, THEIR business. They obviously knew this would delay the release of DumaOS on the R1 but couldn't tell us about collaboration with Netgear as it was top secret. Clearly mistakes have been made, the obvious one being setting dates that they couldn't meet, they need to learn from that. IMO the biggest mistake they made was offering DumaOS for free to start with. Iain & the Netduma team have been developing it for years now, they must be mad to offer it for free, especially to people who don't appreciate it. Hopefully they are taking all your comments & complaints on board & have realised that all this hard work isn't worth it. They should either charge for future software releases (not firmware updates) or release them installed on new routers. If that's the route they decide to take, you only have yourselves to blame.