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  1. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Only in game do I get video interruptions. The interruptions are sporadic. This does not happen on the console gui. The only thing I can come up with is the hdmi cable being faulty. But I have tried it with multiple other cables with the same result. Unless the specifications for those cables will not support 4K. I have ordered a new replacement to check.
  2. Check this link out for clarification. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000069627-1-03-6j
  3. Ok one of the admins or other mods will step in for assistance. All out of suggestions. May need a replacement.
  4. PharmDawgg

    VPN Users Required

    I'm with Big_Dog. Go ahead and get the community a stable release and continue to do testing behind the scene with any other features.
  5. No problem, I hope I can help you. If not one of the other mods or admins should be able to fix this. Sorry the the inconvenience. The Issue: You are unable to reach the netduma dashboard to change any settings! You've gone to and http://r1 and neither work. Setup: If possible directly connect via an ethernet cable your computer to your router. If you don't have an ethernet port on your PC, try to connect to the netduma WIFI. Mac OS X: 1. Launch Network (Command + Space > Type "Network" Click on which network you have connected to the R1 (preferably use wired or you may use the wireless connection in the pic above). 2. Click Advanced 3. Click TCP/IP 4. On Configure IPv4 dropdown change Using DHCP to Manually 5. On Configure IPv6 dropdown change Automatically to Manually 6. Change all settings to the following: 7. Click OK 8. Open a browser and go to 9. If you are able to access the R1 interface then Factory Reset
  6. Do you have mac or pc?
  7. Ok will copy the steps for you. No problem.
  8. Will this link work.
  9. Try these steps here to see if you can get access to the R1 interface. If you are able to access I would recommend you factory reset from the R1 gui. Fingers-crossed.
  10. Are you able to access the Netduma R1 dashboard?
  11. Try disconnecting all the ethernet cable from the router and unplugging it for about 5 min. Then plug it up again and see if you get the beep.
  12. PharmDawgg


    I honestly would go with anything 6 or greater because of the shielding factor but that's me. Cat-5e: This form of cable is recognized by the TIA/EIA and is defined in TIA/EIA-568-B.. It has a slightly higher frequency specification that Cat-5 cable as the performance extends up to 125 Mbps. It can be used for 100Base-T and 1000Base-t (Gigabit Ethernet). Cat 5e or enhanced is a form of Cat 5 cable manufactured t0 higher specifications although physically the same as Cat 5. It is tested to a higher specification. Cat-6: This cable is defined in TIA/EIA-568-B provides a significant improvement in performance over Cat5 and Cat 5e. During manufacture Cat 6 cables are more tightly wound than either Cat 5 or Cat 5e and they often have an outer foil or braided shielding. The shielding protects the twisted pairs of wires inside the Ethernet cable, helping to prevent crosstalk and noise interference. Cat-6 cables can technically support speeds up to 10 Gbps, but can only do so for up to 55 meters. Cat-6a: The “a” in Cat 6a stands for “Augmented.” The Cat 6a cables are able to support twice the maximum bandwidth, and are capable of maintaining higher transmission speeds over longer cable lengths. Cat 6a cables utilize shielded which is sufficient to all but eliminate crosstalk. However this makes them less flexible than Cat 6 cable. Cat-7: This is an informal number for ISO/IEC 11801 Class F cabling. It comprises four individually shielded pairs inside an overall shield. It is aimed at applications where transmission of frequencies up to 600 Mbps is required. Cat-8: These cables are still in development, but will be released in the foreseeable future to provide further improvements in speed and general performance.
  13. PharmDawgg

    VPN Users Required

    Would be happy to test for you. Yes I use it. I use PIA (Private Internet Access).
  14. It has got to be an issue with SSID, security type or password (network key or passphrase).
  15. Honestly I thought with all the delays that maybe there was an issue with the R1 not being able to run DUMAOS but I was wrong. And this is one time I am glad I was.