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  1. PharmDawgg

    Apex Legends

    Some info concerning ports for Apex Legends.
  2. PharmDawgg

    Apex Legends

    FYI: The following list is compiled from the Data Center list in Apex Legends. USA: Salt Lake City USA: Oregon GCE 1 USA: Oregon GCE 2 USA: Oregon 1 USA: Oregon 2 USA: St Louis USA: Dallas USA: Iowa GCE 1 USA: Iowa GCE 2 USA: Iowa GCE 3 USA: New York USA: South Carolina GCE 1 USA: South Carolina GCE 2 USA: Virginia 1 USA: Virginia 2 Brazil - Sao Paulo GCE 1 Brazil - Sao Paulo GCE 2 Brazil - Sao Paulo 1 Brazil - Sao Paulo 2 UK - London Netherlands - Amsterdam Belgium GCE 1 Belgium GCE 2 Belgium GCE 3 Germany - Frankfurt 1 Germany - Frankfurt 2 Hong Kong Taiwan GCE 1 Taiwan GCE 2 Singapore 1 Singapore GCE 1 Singapore GCE 2 Japan - Tokyo Japan - Tokyo GCE 1 Japan - Tokyo GCE 2 Japan - Tokyo GCE 3 Japan - Tokyo 1 Japan - Tokyo 2 Australia - Sydney Australia - Sydney 1 Australia - Sydney 2 Australia - Sydney GCE 1 Australia - Sydney GCE 2
  3. PharmDawgg

    Apex Legends

    I don’t use the geofilter because it’s not p2p. It allows you to select their dedicated servers. I only us qos, bandwidth allocation and traffic prioritization.
  4. PharmDawgg

    UPNP or Port Forward?

    Click on the item underneath Bandwidth Allocation
  5. PharmDawgg

    OPEN NAT issues Xbox X

    And you won’t. You’ll be able to get an open nat on the console but not in game. I can’t explain it only the devs can. I’m just giving you what I know from experience/ trial and error.
  6. PharmDawgg

    OPEN NAT issues Xbox X

    I have found that the upnp on the OG R1 is not as robust for lack of a better word so the only way to get an open NAT when it comes to COD is to port forward 3074, 3075 and 3076. Honestly you can get rid of those other portforwarding rules if you like. But I don’t have these same issues if I upnp on the Netgear xr450,500,700. I don’t have to portforward. Open NAT on those all the way.
  7. PharmDawgg

    OPEN NAT issues Xbox X

    Try adding 3076 UDP/TCP to your port forwarding rules as well. And change 3075 to UDP/TCP too. Let me know how it goes. I’m assuming you’re on the original R1.
  8. PharmDawgg

    Absolutely a need for duma OS

    These are probably server farms. There are probably quite a few servers in one location. Some may be worse than others. And I got a feeling they probably don’t take care of them like we do our own equipment.
  9. PharmDawgg

    Connecting to Different Region

    I would agree with Zippy about leaving strict mode unselected for Destiny/Destiny 2 Recommended Destiny 2 setting: Set a filter range of about 2000km (cover at least all of Oceania) - you can play around with this once you get a feel for how long it takes to find a game DISABLE strict mode - very important for Destiny Set ping assist to 30ms Check peer ping so you can see the pings of everyone in the game Set Anti-Flood to 70%/70 Of course this is a starting point. You may have to tweak these setting a little. Everyone’s setup is a little different.
  10. PharmDawgg

    Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

    MB8600-- Motorola. I use this one and haven't had any issues with issues. Just a suggestion. https://www.mbreviews.com/arris-sb8200-vs-motorola-mb8600/
  11. PharmDawgg

    from open to moderate

    Which router are you using? XR500, XR700, XR450 or the Original R1? I do not believe CoD NAT shows it correctly on the Original R1. Does the PS4 itself shows as open? If you have an open NAT type on your console (NAT Type 1 – Open) it will not cause you any connection issues even if it was showing as moderate in game which I think is false.
  12. PharmDawgg

    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    Netgear has developed an updated firmware that corrects the wan drops. The updated firmware is being beta tested and the results are very positive. Now for the bad news. I am not sure when this firmware will be released. That is going to be up to Netgear. With this issue affecting so many people I would guess it will be coming real soon.
  13. PharmDawgg

    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    Yeah Ping Assist and Hybrid VPN are not in that particular firmware.
  14. PharmDawgg

    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    Yes sir. This is what it looks like in the log.
  15. PharmDawgg

    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    Yeah I am definitely dealing with those WAN drops as we speak. They come in two to three second bursts. And honestly you don’t really know they are happening unless your view the log or some streams will buffer every so often. I hope they figure it out as well. I can say this there are no drops with