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  1. Honestly instant-on on the Xbox has and causes issues for everyone even non-Netduma gamers. I have an Xbox One X and I avoid it like the plague. I use energy saving mode.
  2. I forgot to add that I had smart connect (ie wifi roaming) enabled and I got regular reboots and wifi drops when I had those two items above enabled. I hope this helps.
  3. Disable these items and see it helps with reboots.
  4. PharmDawgg

    Open Nat Type BO4

    I know some will say it is a false moderate nat but I know if you assign a static ip for the console and forward ports 1-65535 you will not have to worry about a moderate nat any longer. Just a suggestion.
  5. PharmDawgg

    New Member of Development Team

    Welcome Joseph πŸ˜€
  6. would you mind sharing your PIA VPN config settings, I can't get mine to work and noticed that you got yours working

  7. PharmDawgg

    New UI, and features

    It will be a free upgrade to the current router. It is in open beta development right now.
  8. PharmDawgg

    How can you explain this?

    Soon 😊
  9. PharmDawgg

    How to do a reserved DHCP address in R1

    Yes just what Dialatech said all you need are the last digits.
  10. Currently it can only be used to power/charge small items (i.e. cell phone by usb). Cannot be used for information transfer. Maybe it will be repurposed later. Finger 🀞.
  11. PharmDawgg

    Proper CV and covering letter writing

    Thanks for the heads up because I was about to send this post to the depths of spam hell 😊
  12. PharmDawgg


    Yes if you are trying to enter your own dns servers slide the button under dns override then it will allow you to enter them below. I use
  13. PharmDawgg

    Dumaos problem

    Try username: admin password: password
  14. PharmDawgg

    Why is my connection to Miami Server so bad?

    Well atleast there are no dropped packets. πŸ‘ It would be great if you could show the top of the plot as well. Looks to me the server may be congested. I would guess it is a server farm so there are probably better servers at the Miami location. But to make a better guess I need to see the top portion of the plot.
  15. PharmDawgg

    Share Excess Checkbox

    It’s here (check out the attached image). I’ll let the admin talk more on the Halo service.