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  1. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

  2. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

    Oh hello entire enemy team lol
  3. ziocomposite

    Camp Ops 3 - FFA 30-0 Squeaker edition

    Had the god connection with 10-20ms ping, game finished in under 3 minutes. Had my tent set-up and roasting all the marshmallow noobs lol Memorable quotes ~ "Jast muuute him" "I'm schleeeep, my mans camping" "Nooooooooooo" "He's really annoying, but I'm trying to kill him" "The BEST CAMPER EVER" "My mans got a nuke!" "QueeakSauuuce.....chicken nuggets" https://www.twitch.tv/videos/269773395
  4. ziocomposite

    The R1 not value now,all now is xr500

    I've had the R1 since it's original release and it's worked for me since then. Yes, a couple of hiccups here and there and maybe reboot once in a while but she chugs along. Looking forward to the new update when it comes out but am currently fine at the moment. Question is, for those who are awaiting the new update, what about the current software is not working? What in the new software are you looking forward to? fixing? etc.?
  5. ziocomposite

    Camp of Duty vs 6 man team

    Yeah been taking a long break, WWII really is not my thing so decided to hop on the old BO3 to practice for the new cod. How's everything across the pond?
  6. ziocomposite

    Camp of Duty vs 6 man team

    Happened to run into a 6 man team with a live streamer. Looking at my other 3 teammates, I knew I had to hold it down to bring the W. Needless to say, lots of rage induced voice chat inbound Peep the Netduma ping on the bottom left, Enjoy! - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/243110958 Here is her stream - https://youtu.be/yZ6oS2N6RoA?t=1h5m29s
  7. ziocomposite

    p2p on PS4 Network COD WW2

    I was definitely enjoying P2P more so. If you have the Netduma dialed in I had lobbies were the mean ping was under 50, it was glorious. We'll have to see how the dedi's handle now once they're back up.
  8. ziocomposite

    Mic Setup for in Game Communication - PS4 Pro

    How loud do you have your headset? I have a Fidelio X1(open), X7, and use the AT2020 USB Mic and do not have any issues with sound leakage.
  9. ziocomposite

    Droppin the Double DA

    People kept leaving the game so didn't get the 1st one until the 2nd half and had to rush the 2nd lol Enjoy! http://www.twitch.tv/videos/141376064 Guy gets seriously mad http://www.twitch.tv/videos/147309138
  10. ziocomposite

    R1 problems

    Internet is working for my provider and no issues reported being down recently. I have internet however it's limited to only One ethernet device via the Duma which is the desktop I'm posting with. Tried wiring my laptop directly and no go. But yeah, will try to do the reboot/reset again =)
  11. ziocomposite

    R1 problems

    Hello Netduma Team, Came home the other night and noticed my phone connected to my Wi-Fi however had the notice "no internet". (2nd router as access point) Modem -> Netduma -> Asus Tried a few things - Reset Modem & Netduma, still no Wi-Fi (Asus) internet - Access Netduma main Wi-Fi and no internet - Can still access the Netduma router page via ethernet & wi-fi - Oddly enough it looks like I can only use my Desktop via ethernet. Other ethernet devices could not - Just checked if PS4 could connect and cannot via wi-fi or internet Any idea what it may be? Best, Zio