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  1. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

    Multi Kills with the default SMG class
  2. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

    Mag12 is now serviceable
  3. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

    Hip Fire Hades, yes please!
  4. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

    Those are speeds With Congestion Control Set to Off/100%. Values set to ensure A+ buffer. Live in a shared space so allows everyone to Netflix, stream, and etc. with minimal impact to my gaming. I do have deep packet enabled. Edit: In the US with Comcast/Xfinity connection
  5. ziocomposite

    BO4 Changes...

    I've been dogged a couple of times but mostly my fault. If you run Engineer you can see them from a mile away and just make sure you have a clear sight. Same thing for RC cars. In addition, the owner typically runs after him so you get a two for one lol
  6. ziocomposite

    BO4 Changes...

    Add a VSat type scorestreak. It's what always stood out to me about Black Ops! Operator mods at the time seem gimmicky. Personally only have used the Maddox with echo mod. Trying to get the ABR but with 2 stocks seems to work fine for me already. Allow 6 man parties in all modes not just TDM/KC. A friend is always left out or will be limited to Chaos mode only.
  7. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

    Got Ajax?
  8. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

  9. ziocomposite

    Too many cooks in the kitchen

    Will compile gameplay clips here, newest will be on top! Multi-kills with the default SMG class It was a pain but worth it to max the Mag 12 One of my Fav weapons already, HipFire Hades FTW! Got Ajax? Oh hello entire enemy team lol
  10. ziocomposite

    Camp Ops 3 - FFA 30-0 Squeaker edition

    Had the god connection with 10-20ms ping, game finished in under 3 minutes. Had my tent set-up and roasting all the marshmallow noobs lol Memorable quotes ~ "Jast muuute him" "I'm schleeeep, my mans camping" "Nooooooooooo" "He's really annoying, but I'm trying to kill him" "The BEST CAMPER EVER" "My mans got a nuke!" "QueeakSauuuce.....chicken nuggets" https://www.twitch.tv/videos/269773395
  11. ziocomposite

    The R1 not value now,all now is xr500

    I've had the R1 since it's original release and it's worked for me since then. Yes, a couple of hiccups here and there and maybe reboot once in a while but she chugs along. Looking forward to the new update when it comes out but am currently fine at the moment. Question is, for those who are awaiting the new update, what about the current software is not working? What in the new software are you looking forward to? fixing? etc.?
  12. ziocomposite

    Camp of Duty vs 6 man team

    Yeah been taking a long break, WWII really is not my thing so decided to hop on the old BO3 to practice for the new cod. How's everything across the pond?
  13. ziocomposite

    Camp of Duty vs 6 man team

    Happened to run into a 6 man team with a live streamer. Looking at my other 3 teammates, I knew I had to hold it down to bring the W. Needless to say, lots of rage induced voice chat inbound Peep the Netduma ping on the bottom left, Enjoy! - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/243110958 Here is her stream - https://youtu.be/yZ6oS2N6RoA?t=1h5m29s
  14. ziocomposite

    p2p on PS4 Network COD WW2

    I was definitely enjoying P2P more so. If you have the Netduma dialed in I had lobbies were the mean ping was under 50, it was glorious. We'll have to see how the dedi's handle now once they're back up.
  15. ziocomposite

    Mic Setup for in Game Communication - PS4 Pro

    How loud do you have your headset? I have a Fidelio X1(open), X7, and use the AT2020 USB Mic and do not have any issues with sound leakage.