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  1. dominican_3niz

    geo filter is not working

    work i delete my divece and add it back all done thanks mate
  2. i have my ps4 on strick mode everything look good but when i search for a game nothing show no server no people nothing
  3. dominican_3niz

    Any News on Dumaos R!

  4. dominican_3niz

    Any News on Dumaos R!

    past like month half of ready
  5. dominican_3niz

    Striker pack

    who play fornite with the striker pack and what your settings?
  6. dominican_3niz

    I really don’t like netduma and the forum support

    you just need to learn how to use it the right way
  7. thanks you are a genius
  8. my geo filter cant load stay loading ?
  9. frasser my 2 ded im allways connecting to it
  10. thank you frasser now i can play with my filtering on in the same server wich is no more them 29 ms thanks Host TypeDedicatedID2723622dc0c6a5aaDomain Nameec2-35-170-198-45.compute-1.amazonaws.com with out kicking me back and playing fornite squads
  11. im abalible now and yes
  12. yeah gio work but when i block the host i rejoing againg but with an error fornite
  13. dominican_3niz

    when netduma and jonh wick get toguether

  14. dominican_3niz

    thanks you dumaos frasser ya the best

    so is took me hours but i made it i making my ping line look kike a rule lol need lil be more thanks you netduma my connection never been like that before i soon will post some video from fornite.,