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    Geo-Filter issue/questions

    Well last night it was 3ms-8ms only because I’m right by a dedicated server. But when I was shooting someone it was taking a half to full clip and I’d still die. On the killcam it shows me completely missing the target. I just have it set to 700 mile radius and I flush the cloud before each use. I don’t have any servers allowed or denied. I just let it connect me to whatever while I’m on filtering mode. It’s on strict and auto ping.
  2. LuringGranny

    Geo-Filter issue/questions

    So I don’t understand why I’ll be connected to a server and allow it, yet the router continually asks me to allow or deny it. also, I’m beginning to believe the router is the issue as well. Consistently it will reset my range. For everything to work as it should, on each startup I have to flush cloud and set kilometers to miles. I find it insane that tonight I had 3ms ping to a dedicated server maybe 40 miles away from me, yet I’m aiming at a persons head and go half a clip spot on and STILL die!!! And on that replay it shows me freaking lagging. WTF?!?! And zero packet loss at that!!! Does this router even do its job? No way in hell can it be me at this point as I’ve held above a 2.00 KD/R previously and now it’s dropped to 1.63. It’s just weird and I’m at a loss of words.
  3. LuringGranny

    Geo-Filter issue/questions

    Oh ok, cool. Thank you
  4. LuringGranny

    Geo-Filter issue/questions

    So if I keep it in “filter mode” and don’t allow or deny anything, is that good?
  5. LuringGranny

    Geo-Filter issue/questions

    So if I’m based in Long Beach CA in the US, what server would you say I should connect to? Also, when I go into “find match” and I’m on filtering mode, whenever auto ping shows a server for me to allow or deny, is that within my radius? Or does that mean I’m allowing or denying something outside my radius? Because it gives me that every time. Last night I ended up not allowing anything and leaving it on filter mode and it seemed way better connection wise.
  6. Hello there, I have 50/50 fiber internet. My ONT box is right outside my window and I have an Ethernet going from that straight to my XR500 as I didn’t bother to have a bridge mode with the supplied fios quantum gateway. When I geo-filter on my Xbox one S for Black ops 4. Ill be shown a ping of 9-12ms and my base is 9ms.....my range is for 700 miles on strict and filter mode. So when I play in team death match I’m wondering how it takes half a clip to kill someone if I’m seeing a 9-12ms ping to a dedicated server. It’s not showing packet loss so I’m at a loss of words. Also, even though I’m connecting to these dedicated servers, it still seems like the connection is off. The other team will have the better connection it seems, as they’ll all finish in 2-4KD ratio, meanwhile I’m wondering how I’m on the wrong side of the connection like their bullets hit right away. Any help would be appreciated.