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  1. Please look into QoS: - Device Independant Type of Service prioritization, capable of re-ordering various common ports/traffic types as needed. Allowing a "custom port" option would go a long way as well. - More common protocol types in the prioritization fields than just tcp and udp, as sctp has become a common protocol for gaming, for example. As well, "all" or "0" would be a useful option for full device prioritization. NAT/Port Forwarding: - Real full cone support (I can link the patches if it helps) or a dedicated console dmz would be very helpful. - Again, more protocols supported for forwarding. Thanks and have a good one! Edit: For QoS, device prioritization as a separate option from bandwidth slice would be good too, as often the services whose packets we need to go out first don't necessarily require high bandwidth. Also, offline devices NEED to be removed from QoS calculation AUTOMATICALLY. Frankly, I was surprised to see that I needed to remove an offline device from dhcp reservation and manually update the distribution table when a device leaves the network. You guys need to base distribution solely on connection status because I don't want to have to manually update router settings every time I turn off a computer.
  2. robcore

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Hey folks! The Seattle servers are displaying as Chicago (I think, my American geography sucks because I'm Canadian). I think the issue is that some of the 45.63.32.x addresses are actually in the Chicago cluster, but some are in Seattle. Info is here: - Location on map: Chicago (should be Seattle) - Server Type: Dedicated - ID: 812dcc97ca203a3f - Ping: 30ms - My Location: Central Alberta (spoofed here because i try in vain to avoid Alaskans) Screenshot for good measure: