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  1. iPollox

    Absolutely a need for duma OS

    Also, perhaps the Chicago issues its because of the extreme weather going on right now
  2. I'd like to see this on Github 🙂
  3. iPollox

    XR700 Owners

    About the themes, you could let your user-base create their own themes with some sort of API of some sort, and with time add them to a full firmware release for others to use, surely there's people out there itching to make their own designs
  4. iPollox

    x500 hybrid vpn slow speed

    Sadly it didn’t work. Would be cool to have a feature in the OS that could detect between browsing and downloading, because sure 20down is NOT bad for browsing BUT when it comes to downloads that are a little big or for gamers usually like 5gb+ downloads it is bothersome, and would be so cool if those downloads don’t go through the VPN
  5. iPollox

    x500 hybrid vpn slow speed

    Actually something strange is going on. My real speed is 150 down (Usually get between 160-170), and 10 up. Now when I use the VPN with the NordVPN client itself from my PC I get just about the same speed 120-150, but when I use the advance config hybrid-VPN to connect my nordVPN I barely get 20 down. At this point it’s not the VPN service or the PC as I can get fast speeds with the actual client. Is there a way to allocate more power to the VPN module itself in the router to get more speed?
  6. iPollox

    VPN Whitelist

    I’ll try adding nord. The thing with Minecraft is that I don’t see how to have it forced out of the VPN because sure Minecraft uses a port, BUT before opening a port it requests a session to http://session.minecraft.net/game/joinserver.jsp?user (I think, I’m posting from my phone), and when it requests the session it’s blocked because of the VPN. Currently I have my VPN set to anything that’s not a video game. Because I felt like it would less secure and more hassle to manually add what should go into the VPN instead of what shouldn’t be going through the VPN. Edit: I was able to add nordVPN and now Minecraft seems to be working, seems like pureVPN and Minecraft services don’t work together very well. I guess my issues are fixed, would be nice still to have the Whitelist by IP/URLs. Thank you Fraser.
  7. I just got my XR500 yesterday, updated the firmware in the dumaOS and went through all the settings to have the router to my likings. I already own a vpn, which is NordVPN and it’s currently not available in dumaOS, I bought pureVPN so I can have all my family protected, but my issue is that the hybrid VPN is blocking a web request, basically in order to play Minecraft, the launcher requests an authentication session, but Mojang (Minecraft’s company studios) has VPNs blocked from all their authentication servers. I would love to request for dumaOS to have a whitelist that users can manually populate with IPs/URLs so it can go through without the VPN. It would be a feature that users can even whitelist websites they trust and don’t need a VPN for or for websites that break with the usage of VPNs