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  1. Dang thats ruff......i havnt had it that bad. I honestly feel that something is still a miss........most guys are having amazing ping figures and stability on the lines which is expected as they are on quality connections but somehow this does not translate over to BO4 in its totality. I can put any other game on and have literally no issues playing against guys in my geofilter range but BO4 is a different story. Could this be dumaos and bo4 networking conflict?
  2. The setup has help me in pubs but playing in BO4 custom lobbies is a whole other headache all together. I go from low ping pub gameplay to very high ping, laggy as ever gameplay in custom lobbies regardless of whether one of my team mates are the host or the opposition team hosts. Take into account everyone i play with or against live within the geo filter range i have up for pubs. I've actually withdrawn my team from a local online BO4 league becos its pointless to even try and compete with a 120-200ms ping. Anyone else tried custom lobby gameplay on a player host?
  3. I like the fact that you've continued to tinker with the setup as i have as well.....i've had the best gameplay ever since disabling dumaos games and adding the custom ports ....... What i have noticed is that randomly i'll experience a dip in the silky smooth experience which i now cannot live without when my 'packets sent 'exceeds my 'packets received' I must add that my bufferbloat is set to 'when high priority traffic is detected' with a 80/80 split. This has been my gun setup irrespective of what the bufferbloat ratings were on dslreports or pingplotter to the respective servers that i play on. Why i pay little attention to the dslreports or pingplotter in this case is because when i had excellent ratings amd graphs on the two mentioned platforms my gameplay experience was no where close to where it is now without using them as a benchmark. So the question i have now is....could those reduction in packets received be countered with anti bufferbloat settings on the QOS side?
  4. I've added ports 9307 and 9308 as well as both wireshark and the XR500's upnp reported these in use. Even the previously listed servers that i have tagged as bad and even tried blocking/denying (which never worked from day 1) are now giving me alot better gameplay. I dont want to jinx anything but this work around will help alot of guys. Cheers to even better connections and gameplay.
  5. I've set up the same range as you have as a benchmark and instantly had better gameplay.......as for the duma classified games prioritising the same ports......i have been using it and other trial and error settings but non have given me this positive effect. Thanx for the share. I have also done the bridge setup prior to buying the XR500 but nva had wireshark hooked up. Will run that test as well to see what i get.
  6. Hey bud, i like yr idea / post and have voted. I have the XR500 and have noted the different ports (with upnp enabled) used when playing BO4 on the PS4. I usually just do portforwarding with the known ports but have on occassion also enabled upnp to see the additional ports used. I'll update from my side if the experience improves with 'those' ports added to ports i have already forwarded and thereafter disabling upnp (as it would defeat the purpose if i left it enabled).