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  1. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    Cod bo4 lag

    The router is very good yes. I think the problem is just the game.
  2. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    Cod bo4 lag

    Yes i have been also thinking about that. I 've feelt that i'm not having the same "good" connection when my bullets are not connecting. The servers are random in this game. I cant even trust the ping meter.
  3. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    Cod bo4 lag

    Thanks. I puted 40MS in Ping assist and enabled strict mode. Works great so far. I have been streaming for awhile. Join the stream!
  4. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    Cod bo4 lag

    when im using ping assist. Shall i have strict mode disabled or enabled? Fast search enabled or not?
  5. OMGiTzAlberTxD


    Hi! Is there any livestreamers at Netduma? I’ll be streaming for awhile!
  6. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    Cod bo4 lag

    Im playing on Cable atm. Getting Fiber in 3 months when they are done. Let me explain the problem I have. But Before I start, I do this. I Always check my Connection. I do test to see if its allright, I check my ping and bufferbloat, when its alright I start my ps4. I boot up the game, I search for a match. I join a match and I see I joined a "dedicated server". Lets say i have 30-35 in ping. Depends on what server it is. Well 30-35 sounds good right? But here's the thing. I join the lobby. Ok it seems good, the players are casual. Lets play this game. It feels good, smooth and my bullets are connecting. After playing a couple of games with the exact same people and same server my movement starts to feel slow, my bullets feels slow. I look at the kill cam (I know you are not suppose to trust the kill cam) But he already saw me like 0.5-1 Seconds and im already dead and I had no chance to react? They see me first and im getting insta smacked. Its even if they are noobs or pros dosnt matter. Can someone explain? Is it this router or is it the netcode or is it something else? I started to play on a gaming switch instead and I feelt my movement is much smoother. Is it any settings for this router? Their is alot of settings but i cant figure out out whats wrong. Can someone help? I spent alot of money trying to get the best gaming experience but im getting shit on sometimes.
  7. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    Cod bo4 lag

    This router dosnt work, buy a gaming switch instead.
  8. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    2 Months Later Still No Cloud Update

    Does it works for you? Do you experience better gameplays, ping and hit detection?
  9. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    2 Months Later Still No Cloud Update

    I'm having the same feeling. I mainly purchase this router for BO4 but it works only 50/50. Some of my gameplays feels smooth and sometimes not. Im not using the xr500 as my router anymore. Im playing on a Nighthawk switch instead and using xr500 as an access point atm. (That works for me)
  10. After playing a couple of matches i noticed that the problem is on what server you play on. The shot first die first problem is only when i play on the german / uk server. when im playing on the server in holland im having a blast.
  11. What is your download/upload speed at?
  12. OMGiTzAlberTxD

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    Any updates for BO4 cloud? Geo-filter works 50/50 since launch.