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  1. SturmButcher

    Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3

    Why isn't the same to all routers that use the same OS?
  2. SturmButcher

    beginning duma os

    You antibuffer bloat should be at 70% both, recomened by netgear guide
  3. Thank you guys, I like your compromise with the users, I think I made the right desision to drop my Asus router and buy the xr500, I like when developers communicate with the community and gives us a close and kind answer to our concerns, keep the great work
  4. Well I thought it could be worse, but I found then organized at least, I like it
  5. SturmButcher

    Improve QOS

    Uploaded and sent from e-transfer duenthe size
  6. SturmButcher

    Improve QOS

    I activated games console service (should be called global game prioritization) and it works now at least I see a handfull of packets raising. I have the logs should I attach them here?
  7. SturmButcher

    Improve QOS

    Thank you for the replay, I will gladly help. I understand that ports are different in consoles and PC, how it would work if I add my device with that politic?
  8. SturmButcher

    Improve QOS

    Going to try that but I don't like the idea to do it manually, at least with the Asus router it was automatic and never checked again because my PC was always first priority in packets PS: there is a list of games supported by dumaos? Maybe would help that users provide rules and ports to improve even more the auto clasification
  9. SturmButcher

    Improve QOS

    Yup I understand that too, but that shouldn't be something that the user babe to configurate, I have more than 200 games, it's impossible to add them one by one all the ports.... Dumaos should do this automatically. Thats my complain
  10. SturmButcher

    Improve QOS

    Yup, I understand it. In fact I am seeing it now, but I don't play in consoles... Only PC games
  11. SturmButcher

    Improve QOS

    Hello and thanks for your reply, I understand that you can do that, but as digestion it shouldn't leave the responsibility of the user. I have more than 200 games. I play a lot online, so imagine creating a custom just for every game, it's impossible to do it...
  12. Hello guys, this is my first topic here. I received my router yesterday (imported from Amazon.com to Chile). I digged a lot into the dumaos interface and I found it was really easy to understand, after an hour playing I learnt everything about it(or most of it), but the QOS I found isn't clear enough...for example my old Asus ac88u I could choose which device will be the boosted gaming priorized packets, in dumaos it's "smart", I put it like this because I don't know if is truly working as expected. I followed the online guides, measuring the speed download/upload using speedtest, put that on antibufferfloat panel, reduced the both slides to 70%, but as soon as I launch my games I don't see any prioritized packets(more people were using the network in my home), I was expecting to see a kick ass result in the charts but instead I saw 0 prioritized packets and 3000 unoptimised. Plus I never liked the idea to have a list of a handful of games to add my device because it isnt real, beber lunes the idea to manually add ports, its something that I wouldn't expect the user do... Thanks in advance
  13. SturmButcher

    Scheduled reboot

    Yes please add it, I came from an Asus ac88u and it's a good thing to have because nalware runs in ram, a completely reboot daily prevent that