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  1. So no suggestions on LAN DHCP and UPnP settings or WAN DHCP, STATIC OR PPPOE?
  2. If I'm not mistaken IPV6 is already disabled on both but I'll make sure tonight.
  3. Should I leave goodput enabled even when in game? Those "how tos" don't cover the network settings. I'll leave them set to default but if there are optimal settings for Destiny 2 I'd love to hear them.
  4. Ok I reset everything and my speed tests definitely improved to what I expected (60d/7u). Note that I'm also using a new modem/router on factory settings as well. I have Verizon 4G LTE internet. What is Goodput doing and should I have it checked? What are the optimal Network settings? I didn't see a "how to" on that. Right now I just have everything set to default but I'm sure it could be better.
  5. So I was running some speed tests and when running the connection through my netduma I topped out at 24d and 1.25u. I had the bufferbloat on "never" and no other devices connected to the network. The only high priority device in my network is the PS4 and I had it turned off. Just for the hell of it I decided to run the ethernet cable from the modem straight into my desktop and run the test that way. Instantly 60d and 6u. Ummm what? Then I ran the ethernet straight to my ps4 and ran the speed test again. 53d and 3u. What I'm gathering is I definitely have some setting issues going on. Keep in mind my signal quality did not improve and I still had ping spikes so it wouldn't really make a difference in game but still, what is going on there?
  6. Yeah even that server is topping out at 1.8ms ping. Something just isn't right there.
  7. I'm still messing with things so I'll keep ya'll updated. Thanks for all the help! p.s. I played some matches earlier while the crazy numbers were coming back and they were just awful.
  8. but the servers are still coming back at 1-2ms ping no matter where they are.
  9. I think my internet is messed. Side note: I moved my location icon but it's still only finding players around where I had it previously. Scratch that. had to restart the game
  10. and most of the players are showing under 1ms ping. stuffs messed up
  11. So I'm in the game right now just clicking on the pings of all the servers that come up and they're all reading under a ping of 5. I know that's not right.
  12. So move my location on the geofilter further from where I actually live? Just curious what result I'm looking to achieve by doing that?
  13. Ok so if that''s the case then would it be beneficial to add a feature to DumaOS to specify a ping range instead of just max ping? If I'm searching for a game and I have my ping assist set on 80 I could potentially find matches with opponents who all have lower pings. If the lower ping has the advantage in a 1v1 it would be nice to find matches that only include players that match my lowest ping value or higher. I supposed matchmaking could take longer since you're effectively shrinking the pool but increasing your chances of having the lowest latency in a match would be awesome. This is assuming the ping assist number is a max setting. If the ping assist number searches for pings +/- 10 or something like that it makes everything I just said null and void.
  14. Thanks for all your help. I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff so your patience is appreciated. So I'm actually trying to find matches with people who have pings very similar to mine not necessarily the lowest pings out there? If that's the case is it safe to assume ping is king? In other words, radius doesn't matter at all as long as the ping of the player is similar to mine? I mean if the above scenario is true, wouldn't I want to be playing against people with pings that are higher than mine more often than not?