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  1. My ISP (Comcast) says they can't renew my IP unless I pay for business service for an insane upcharge. Maybe the 24 hour thing will work. I tried about 8 hours, overnight, and that didn't. My only other ISP option is 3mbps AT&T. Unbelievable. I theoretically should be able to get around this with the VPN update, right? But I am unclear on the steps I need to take to do that. If that would help my situation, is it possible to discuss how to configure it?
  2. My question is super basic and not really related to DumaOS (other than that is what I use): How to I get a public IP that makes sense? DumaOS has not worked very well for me for a while... After a lot of digging, Turns out my IP address is geo-located by at least one service I can find (IP2Location) on the opposite side of the country. Others show me correctly basically right in my house. (ipinfo.io EurekAIP, DB-IP)... This causes me to matchmake almost exclusively on the wrong side of the country, or EXTREMELY poor quality of games even with filtering.
  3. Just an update Most recent game after a flush and restarting today. yey
  4. >>Hi everyone. We have just made a large Cloud update. This will improve IP location of all devices and all games. These changes will automatically install on your router within the next 24 hours, but if you would like to force your Cloud to update, please do the following: Go to your Geo-Filter Open the Geo-Filter Map Options (click the three horizontal lines in the top left of the panel) Click 'Flush Cloud' Wait about 30 seconds - 45 second for the Flush to complete. Don't worry if you see a message that says '"Error: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App" - this is just a default popup that appears when something is taking a while to complete on DumaOS. Just clear the message and wait another 30 seconds for the new Cloud to complete its installation in the background Once complete, make sure you're happy with your other Geo-Filter settings e.g. home location, radius, Ping Assist on the R1 etc. Now restart your game Don't worry if a server sometimes shows as a 'Peer' - there are still servers that we have not yet been categorised as servers. This will be something we tackle in the future but it is a purely visual benefit so don't sweat too hard if they're showing as peers. We will announce this more publicly once we have feedback from you that things are looking good. Thanks. i'll try this
  5. Thanks. Playing a match just now with spectating De-selecting auto ping and selecting what looks to be the host FWIW, Auto-ping host never works now. For all intents and purposes, it seems like there just are no players at all in the area between the Pacific and the Rockies. Like it is a black hole of non-gamers.
  6. Destiny 2 PS4. The most frustratingly terrible P2P game (why I pulled the trigger on this router). Would resetting the router help, maybe?
  7. So, If I set to spectating (as I do for PvE activities) I get connected to all kinds of people. Yesterday I got connected to one from the west coast and one from New Zealand, next game was one from east coast and one from Germany iirc. Ping Host works when spectating. When Spectating the ping is usually around 50ish (pretty good). In public areas I get people from all over the world (including my region), and everyone shows up as a head and shoulders. My Ping graph (I am not sure what you mean, the "host ping"?) doesnt work most of the time. It is just blank when filtering. The two denied dedicated AWS servers are about 160(japan)-300(Australia) Ping (why I denied them last month when I made my other topic post). I have no issue with low ping far away hosts (one of the reasons I was disappointing Ping Assist wasnt in the build when I bought it) - Like I said, one of the people I play with is located in SoCal and shows in Eastern Canada, so I suppose that could be the case here, but then why is everyone connecting showing in the eastern US? Shouldt at least SOMEONE show in my giant 1300km region? Just to reiterate, what do you mean ping-graph, because I assume you mean the box below the map that shows the hosts ping.
  8. I reset anyway. Just in case. Power cycled the console. Jumped back in, and this is my most recent game. With my list of allow/deny. The two dedicated are in Japan and Australia. This doesnt seem like geo filtering to me. It feels like your code is denying anyone inside the circle. I have literally played against 3 people in that circle all weekend.
  9. I have two allowed in my my list both friends. One is in Texas and one shows in Canada but is in Southern California. There is no other "allowed" in my list, and only the AWS server in Australia and a few people from Japan, China and South America are denied.
  10. When I cannot get hit detection, I am not at an advantage. When I normaally play at a 2+KD and get zero kills and zero assists, it is not an advantage. This router, as far as I can tell, does not do what it claims to do. Connections are WORSE with it filtering than switching to my comcast gateway. A Comcast modem and router for $11 a month is a better value, it seems.
  11. What the hell is the problem with this router? Does it actually do anything it claims? Recently ping host just flat out stopped working. Most recent update. Same problem I had a month ago, but now I have screen shots. I am being CONSTANTLY connected with NONE of the peers in my region, so it cant possibly be that hosts are in my region and connection are out of it. I bought this router specifically for the DUMAOS, but it seems that its all sizzle and no meat.
  12. 1. PVP in Destiny. (I switch to spectating for PvE so I can get instances with people) 2. Deny didn't work. As I said in another thread, I got match made into an Australian game with 8 people from Australia and 4 people from the west coast of the US. There was one authentication server (server with a white circle) in Australia connected AUSTRALIAN 8f3621ecd32ec9ce Denied Dedicated I named it, clicked deny, and logged out an back in to Destiny (so I could leave while matchmaking and not take the loss), and when I went back into matchmaking it connected me to the same exact game about 4 minutes into it. It didnt seem to be an issue with unbroken connections, since it took me 4 or so minutes to get back into the queue. 3. I already get a high number of disconnects while using this router, with only 2 "denied" IDs. Probably two or three a session - sometimes if feels like Bungie is policing against DumaOS type filters. Maybe its a Destiny update, but before I got this router I almost never DC'd. Strict mode adding in disconnects doesnt sound like a good experience, TBH, but I guess I can try it. One last off topic question: if I switch between spectating and filtering (ie if I decide to play PvP I switch to filtering before I queue), do I have to restart the game?
  13. This is more what I expect: But with this router, even that is rare. LOL, that one was a 5v6 the entire game. Nevermind. That one was FUBAR up, too. Just a different kind of FUBAR.
  14. Ill Screenshot when it happens again. Here is one with no one in my region Not sure what the ping was, since the auto ping didnt find a host I guess, but it was laggy AF and ended in a mercy. I couldnt even get hit detection... Honestly How do you configure this thing to work properly? It is started to feel more laggy than before I bought this router. Ping plotter wireless. I dont feel like hard wiring it again And the next game Manually pinging a random scrub gets me Does this router do anything it claims to? It doesnt deny hosts. It doesnt geo filter. What is going on. It seems purely random. This was 12 random solo players. Not matched because some people grouped up with people in south america.
  15. This is my geofilter setup (for Destiny under profile). Any help? I have also tried 1200km from a more central area to capture essentially the same region.