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  1. EzReboot

    Vpn service selector xr500

    Source ports were empty, but that sorted it thanks for your time Fraser
  2. EzReboot

    Vpn service selector xr500

    Thanks for the reply Fraser, when I put the port numbers into the vpn selector and click add service I get RPC error 'ERROR_VALIDATION':Validation failed for 'sport'
  3. Hi fellas I was hoping someone could help me with the vpn service selector I have my pc as do not vpn these services and to let a service through the vpn I have put Battlefield from the drop down box , i also play cod which i would like to let through the vpn but its not a choice so i swtched to advanced and its asking for source ports and destination ports can any one tell me where i get that info from. thanks in advance
  4. EzReboot

    VPN Users Required

    I have the xr500, and I use expressvpn , I would like to test thanks