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  1. xBuTcHeRx

    Best Netduma Settings for 1 gbps up/down

    Have you tried playing with your QoS anti bufferbloat and see if maybe increasing it might reduce bloating on bot your download and upload? Try DSL REPORTS.
  2. I have the same router as you. You don't appear to have any issues on the modem end. I would just recommend that you have a good splitter or a direct MOCA coupler for your internet, depending on your house setup.
  3. xBuTcHeRx

    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    Question, can I use the 10G SPF+ port as my regular ethernet port to hard wire my XBOX one or PS4 or PC? Or is it a specific thing about it that doesn't recommend one to use it?
  4. The ping from the Texas server pings at 60ms. Yeah I've tried everything, trying to figure out how to consistently connect to my home server, but rarely I do,
  5. I've been having issues where I am filtering outside of my bubble. The problem is it still tries to connect me to a server from Texas, I live in California, it will connect me and back out to main menu. But what I'm trying ot figure out is, I know I have Dedicated servers in California, but they won't really try to connect to one unless I try over and over to search a game until I ping to one in CA, is there another method so I don't have to do this every time? Thank you.
  6. xBuTcHeRx

    Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3

    Just saw a vid on YT. Ping Assist is live with the new FW for the XR500 but not the XR700? Thats ODD.
  7. Try rebuilding databse on PS4. Have your PS4 turned on in the XMB. Then press and hold the power button until you COMPLETELY shut off the console. Next PRESS and HOLD the power button again until you hear 2 BEEPS on the machine. Then let it go. SAFE MODE should pop up. make sure you hard plug your controller, (since safe mode shuts off the wireless) then finally go to where it says "rebuild database". It'll restart console then take you back to XMB. Load up BLOPS4 and see if this remedies.
  8. omg ping assist will make this so much better for me once I get my XR700
  9. This 100% I really love the simplicity of wording and familiarity like past Netgear routers have. It helps the NetdumaOS be a bit more friendly to the experienced NETGEAR device advocates.