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  1. unknownsith

    Black ops 4 in game disconnects

    I will try a direct connection to my modem to see if I have the same disconnects. As for the geo filter I’m on 250 down 30 up, pppoe connection, sliders both at 70%, filtering mode, strict mode on, auto ping on, I’m in the uk and have set my radius to 1000 miles as I found it struggling to find a game at 500 miles. I followed the guide on this forum for blops 4! I use a static ip for my PS4, PS4 in dmz, PS4 ip reserved outside of the pool. I’ve had all this working great on my r7000 but I’m having issues on the xr500 on (blops 4). Are servers supposed to always show up on the geo filter or just the one you connect to at the time? The only time I see any are when the game is booting up.
  2. unknownsith

    Black ops 4 in game disconnects

    I’m also getting kicked 3 maybe 4 games out of 10. Error in game showing disconnected from servers. So if I’m host with friends it kicks me but not them so it’s definitely at my end. Never had this issue with my r7000. I bought the xr500 to give me more consistent games not give me more issues. Also while I’m moaning, how come I always seem to get p2p? Very rare and I mean rare that I get on a dedi!
  3. unknownsith

    Black ops 4 in game disconnects

    Ok I will take a look thanks.
  4. Hi, I have an XR500 with a wired connection to a PS4 pro. The problem is that during gameplay on black ops 4 I keep getting a connection interrupted error! It doesn’t kick me from the game it just leaves me able to move but everyone else is just running on the spot for a few seconds. It reconnects exactly were I was or I’ve been killed and re spawn. Never had this happen before. Has any come across this or have any suggestions. Game runs fine other than this and it’s always at the worst time when it does it. ive also posted this on the NETGEAR forum with zero response from NETDUMA or NETGEAR.