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  1. funnellboi

    Todays Patch

    Been working fine for me, turned off strict mode, deleted my console from router and found a game although it took a long time and lobby still isn't filling up, could be an xbox issue
  2. funnellboi

    Todays Patch

    Yep same here, can not find a single game with new update and the router. Just found one in the new game mode, took 3 mins of searching and was a lobby with one player in, no one is joining though...
  3. funnellboi

    XR500 Customers are just un happy

    Think you misread i meant when i deactivate the filters i get connected to USA or anywhere really and have 100-160ms ping, when i use the filters i get nothing but 30ms games, although later in UK like (3am-5am) i struggle to find games.
  4. funnellboi

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Thats PS4 and only some parts of EU etc... Uk on xbox is still 30, i did a test a few days back.
  5. funnellboi

    XR500 Customers are just un happy

    Its been fine for me, when i turn off QOS i get connected to horrible games with 100-160ms, when its active i get 30ms... I also used R1 and R700...
  6. funnellboi

    Paid 280 for this

    I am using XR500 and mine works perfectly, yes there are some games where it tries to connect outside of the range and it kicks me but thats good, thats the reason i use it. I only have issues about 4am in the morning where it just seems it will not find any UK games what so ever.
  7. ID 2d5f9863fcccaeb3 Domain Name 95-179-204-99.choopa.net It shows here on the map https://gyazo.com/ea19b2f583afef271e01432f97acdea7 where the circle is, although i am UK. I was getting 10ms ping from it... Just thought i would ask and help, i am on Netgear rx500, do we have a time frame of when the server updates for locations will be coming ?
  8. Who is host in this lobby ? The circle or the larger player icon? https://gyazo.com/cd541f7717a46260283ecb6458ddc960 In games i get a lot of p2p, now i know some are probably dedi servers but i cant tell the difference, there never is a circle or something that shows a dedi, unless i am reading it wrong ? Thanks